29 lakh rupees were collected for the girl who cried in Germany’s defeat, English fans made fun of her

euro cup 2020 (Euro Cup 2020) has reached its last stop. The names of the four teams of the semifinals were revealed. Italy and Spain will clash on 7th July and Denmark will take on strong England on 8th July. Many strong teams could not even reach the quarter-finals, Germany was one of them, which was washed 2-0 by old rivals England, after the defeat in this match, the picture of a German girl sitting in the stadium became fiercely viral. . 29 lakh rupees have been collected so far for this innocent man who cried bitterly in the grief of the defeat of his national team.

What is the whole matter?
At Wembley Stadium, England got a victory that healed the wounds of a 25-year-old. After this historic moment, the whole of the UK was bursting with fun. Members of the royal family and former footballers present at the stadium were also seen in great excitement, while the camera’s focus was set on a German girl, who was deeply saddened by the defeat, after seeing the picture went viral on social media. English fans started making fun of this innocent. Trolled on Twitter, Instagram.

not every english is the same
Among the ruthless and insensitive English fans for a girl child, there was an Englishman who showed a big heart. A man from Wales named Joel Hughes started a fundraiser for the baby girl. The man’s purpose with this fundraiser was to show that not everyone is the same in the UK. Till now the talk of collecting Rs 29 lakh is coming to the fore.

There are mixed reactions on the internet about the fundraiser. There were many people who supported. However, many did not agree, saying that such help should be given to children who are starving.


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