85 year old woman in search of new love after breakup with boyfriend, said – need some fun

It is said that there is no age limit in love, but still people do not hesitate to taunt when they see older people falling in love. Many people find a new partner even at the age of 40-50, but hardly you have seen anyone expressing their desire to date at the age of 85. In fact, 85-year-old American women are also looking for a partner for dating. After breaking up with her 39-year-old boyfriend, the 85-year-old is now in search of love once again. New York-based Hattie Retroage is planning to set up an account on dating site Bumble as she wants to have some fun in life.

need some fun in life

When they got divorced for the first time, Hatti was 48 years old. Since then she has only wanted to date younger men. He sold the website named Fabulous.beat “I’m not dating anyone right now. Will post on Bumble, because some friends have met men there. I’m going to start dating again now so I can be happy, and enjoy love all over again!” He said, “Yesterday morning I got a call from a young boy from Israel that he had a crush on me.”

Tinder blocked

Hattie used to go on Tinder dates three times a week, however, when she was blocked by the app, she started trying out new dating apps. Hattie separated from her ex-husband in 1984 because she felt that her husband did not show seriousness about the education of his children. The mother of two, who has three grandchildren, is a former dancer and now works as a life coach and author.

newspaper ad for dating

She appeared in the Channel 5 show Age Gap Love with her ex-boyfriend of 39 years, John in 2018. She told that I stopped dating John after our age gap love came on Tampa TV. Apart from this, she also once advertised in a newspaper that she wanted to date men below 35 years of age and after that she got a deluge of applications.

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