Accident in Jaipur: Truck full of speeding chemical became unbalanced, fell straight from the flyover

A frightening accident happened in the state capital Jaipur on Tuesday. On Tuesday, a container climbing on the Kotputli flyover on the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway here suddenly overturned and fell on the service lane on the highway 20 feet below, after which the truck caught fire. According to the information received, the speed of the truck was so fast that it fell down breaking the railing of the culvert out of control. During this, the truck caught fire with a loud explosion. After this, fire brigade and police reached the spot after getting information and brought the fire under control. It is being told that this incident which happened in the early morning was so terrible that whoever saw it, his soul trembled. It has been learned that the truck was going from Jaipur to Delhi.

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Avoiding great loss of life and property
According to the information received, at the time when the truck fell in the service lane from the flyover, at that time no vehicle and pedestrians were passing, so a big one was averted by passing here. Eyewitnesses say that if this had happened, there could have been a great loss of life and property. However, it is being told that the driver of the truck also suffered injuries in this accident, who has been admitted to the hospital.

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such an accident
According to the information received, when the truck was climbing on the highway, during this time the driver tried to press the side, but at the same time the truck suddenly became unbalanced and fell 20 feet directly from the flyover. Due to the drum of chemicals in the truck, they also caught fire. It is being told that the fire was so severe that the JCB, which came to remove the debris on the spot, caught fire, after about one and a half hours the fire was brought under control and the situation could be brought under control.

traffic was disrupted for hours
According to the information received, due to the fire, explosions started in the drums filled with chemicals, causing a stampede in the spectators. At the same time, the container was evacuated from the workers. During this, the vehicles of the police-fire department also reached the spot. Therefore, due to such a situation, there was a long jam here, which the police administration had to make a lot of effort in clearing the traffic and after hours the traffic was smooth here.


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