Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke to Danish Siddiqui’s father, expressed grief over the death of Indian journalist


  • Afghan President talks to Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui’s father
  • Ashraf Ghani expressed deep grief over the death of Danish Siddiqui
  • Pulitzer Prize winning Indian journalist killed in Taliban attack

President from Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui Expressed grief after talking to his father. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in an attack by Taliban militants in Afghanistan. His body was brought to Delhi through the International Red Cross and the Indian Embassy in Kabul. After which his body was cremated in the cemetery of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Afghanistan’s ambassador confirmed
Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India, Fareed Mamundzai, retweeted the tweet of Ashraf Ghani’s Special Secretary Aziz Amin, writing that President Ashraf Ghani has deeply condoled the death of Danish Siddiqui. In a phone call to Danish’s father today, the President told Professor Siddiqui that he was deeply saddened to learn of the unfortunate demise of the young journalist. May his soul rest in peace.

Afghan President has expressed grief before
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani expressed grief soon after the death of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui. “I am deeply saddened by the shocking news that Danish Siddiqui, a Reuters photojournalist, died while covering the Taliban atrocities in Kandahar,” he said. I also extend my condolences to Siddiqui’s family and media family, I reiterate my government’s steadfast commitment to the freedom of expression and protection of free media and journalists.

Taliban did not spare Danish Siddiqui even after his death, knowing Indian was crushed by car: Afghan commander
What was the reason given by the government for the death of Danish
Afghan army officials attributed the death of Danish Siddiqui to a Taliban attack. The Indian Embassy in Kabul also cited multiple bullet wounds as the cause of Danish’s death in the official death certificate.

Afghan commander made intimidating claim
In an exclusive conversation with India Today, Afghan commander Bilal Ahmed had claimed that the Taliban not only shot Danish Siddiqui but also mutilated his body. The Afghan commander claimed that Danish Siddiqui was disrespected by Taliban insurgents because of his Indian nationality. He also told that Taliban hates Indians.

Danish Siddiqui: Wherever he studied, he was handed over to him Danish Siddiqui: friend, neighbor journalist… Moisture seen in every eye

‘Danish’s body was crushed by the car’
In this report, Bilal Ahmed, who claims to be associated with the Afghan army for five years, has given full details of the day of the assassination of Danish Siddiqui. He said Taliban fighters first shot Danish Siddiqui, along with an Afghan military officer, during a skirmish in the town of Spin Boldak near the border with Pakistan. Bilal Ahmed alleged that when the Taliban came to know about his identity and Indian citizenship, they mounted a car over Danish’s head.


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