Agra News: High voltage drama in Agra Development Authority, trying to touch female employee inappropriately, complaint


  • Women employee made serious allegations against ADA’s FO
  • Was harassing for many days, the victim gave a written complaint
  • High voltage drama continued for several hours in Agra Development Authority

Sunil Kumar, Agra
Agra Development Authority There was high voltage drama in (ADA) on Tuesday afternoon. A woman employee has leveled serious allegations of physical abuse on Finance Controller Siddharth Shankar Tripathi. The female employee called her family members to the authority. The employee’s mother scolded the officer fiercely. At the same time, the police also reached on the complaint of the victim woman, but ran away from the Finance Controlling Authority before the arrival of the police. The victim has complained to the police. CO Lohamandi has asked for action after investigating the matter. On the other hand, the Finance Controller has denied all the allegations and said that he is being implicated under the conspiracy.

FO had made PA from Accounts Department
The female employee was working in the authority for the post of junior clerk from the deceased dependent quota for five years. Four months back, he was transferred to the Accounts Department, but the FO (Finance Controller) made him his PA. She has been working in the FO office for the last one and a half months. The victim female employee alleges that the Finance Controller had bad intentions on her for the past several days, but she kept hiding it. On Tuesday, when the FO tried to kiss her by holding her hand, she could not bear it and told her support staff. After this his family also reached the authority.

Troubled by the antics of the FO, she was trying to transfer
The victim is a woman from the Dalit community. He got a job in place of his father. She is busy preparing for Bank PO. An officer said that she was disturbed by the actions of the FO for the past several days. Complaint about it too, but the Finance Controller was not allowing him to leave the office due to his arrogance. She wanted her transfer to some other department. For this he has also appealed to many officials.

Was proposing to hug for many days
The victim told that the evils of the Finance Controller were increasing for the last four to five days. Several times he had offered to hug the female employee, but each time she ignored it. Today when she was working on the letter, the finance controller lost her cool and caught her with a bad intention. After this, she came out of the office in anger and went to Special Officer Garima Singh and told her her ordeal. The victim has made a written complaint to Garima Singh.

The FO ran away before the police arrived
The victim complained to the Women’s Police Control Room and the Police Control Room. Then the police reached the spot, but as soon as the police got information about the arrival of the police, the FO fled to the spot. The police was asking the woman to go to the police station and file a complaint. However, the officials of the authority were trying to resolve the matter by resigning.

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Formation of an eight-man team
The vice-chairman of Agra Development Authority has constituted an eight-member committee on the complaint of the victim. People from government and non-government organizations have also been included in the committee. The inquiry committee will submit its report in two days. Further action will be taken after the inquiry report.

all allegations baseless
Finance Controller Siddharth Shankar Tripathi said during a phone conversation with Navbharat Times Online that all the allegations against him are false. He is being implicated because of office politics.

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