America is leaving Afghanistan, China prepares for ‘occupation’, tension for India


  • After fighting for almost 20 years in Afghanistan, America is now returning
  • Last Friday, the US Army also said goodbye to the very important Bagram Airbase.
  • Meanwhile, China has made its move and wants to extend CPEC to Afghanistan.

After fighting in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, America is now quietly returning. On Friday, the US Army also said goodbye to Bagram Airbase. This was the same airport from where he used to attack the Taliban. Meanwhile, China has made its move as soon as the US Army leaves. China is trying to replace the US by extending the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan.

If China is successful in its objective then it will be a matter of concern for India. India has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan. Actually, China wants to capture the natural resources of this war-torn country. For this reason, China is looking to expand CPEC, which is said to be part of the $ 62 billion Belt and Rose project, to Afghanistan. Now Afghan officials are considering starting this Chinese project in their country. China aims to connect the whole world with China through the Belt and Road project. Through this, he is investing heavily in many countries.
2,312 soldiers killed in Afghanistan, $ 816 billion in damage, now Americans are returning quietlyRoad from Peshawar to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan
China is giving massive loans to Pakistan for laying roads, railways and energy pipelines. Alam is that many countries are now getting buried under China’s debt due to BRI. The Belt and Road project is to be completed by the year 2049. China is trying to build a road from the city of Peshawar in Pakistan to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Talks are going on between China and Afghan officials in this regard.

Afghanistan will formally become a part of the CPEC as soon as the road between Kabul and Peshawar is built. China has been trying for the last 5 years to extend its BRI project to Kabul. Since the government of Afghanistan was dominated by the US, its pulse was not melting. Now with the withdrawal of American troops from Bagram Airbase, the Afghan government of China is going to openly welcome it.
Pak army bluntly to Imran Khan shouting China-China, said – make good relations with America too

This is how the Afghan government and China are seeing benefits
According to sources, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani needs an ally who can provide military assistance to his government on the basis of resources, strength and capability. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijin also acknowledged that his country is in talks with Afghanistan. Afghanistan hopes to connect with a network of 60 countries in Asia and Africa through the BRI project. This will benefit China that it will be able to strengthen its hold in West Asia, Central Asia and Europe. It will also be able to capture the natural resources of Afghanistan.

China in Afghanistan

China’s eyes on Afghanistan as soon as America leaves


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