America: Where vaccination rate is low, corona is getting hit more

Washington: Cases of Kovid-19 are increasing once again in America. Cases of the highly contagious Delta variant are being reported across the US. Cases of infection are coming more in those states of America, where the vaccination rate is low. That is, where the vaccine is less, the corona is being killed there.

Where less vaccination, more new cases were reported 
In the US state of Arkansas, with the rate less than 35 percent people have been fully vaccinated. According to the data of Johns Hopkins here  In the last week, an average of 16 new cases per one lakh people were reported every day. This is almost five times higher than the US rate of new cases. Arkansas is one of 10 states where the rate of new cases has increased by more than 25 percent in the past week.   

Youth careless about vaccination
Professor of Medicine and Surgery at George Washington University Dr. Jonathan Renner said that there is a jump in cases in the South, Southwest and parts of the Midwest. They said "People will keep dying until we vaccinate everyone."  He said that the youth are careless about vaccination but they should get the vaccine soon.

80 percent of people need to be immunized
At the same time, a member of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Advisory Committee and a vaccine expert   Dr. Paul Offit said that it is necessary to immunize 80 percent of the population through vaccination and infection. He said that if 80 percent of the people are not immunized, then there may be a further increase in the cases of infection in winter.    
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