America will leave Afghanistan by August 31, said- we have not come to build any nation

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the US military operation in Afghanistan would end on August 31. He said that the policy of “speed is safety” is being followed in this. Referring to his administration’s efforts to end America’s war in Afghanistan, Biden said in a speech, “We didn’t go to Afghanistan to build a nation. Afghan leaders have to come together and build the future.” Biden justified his decision to end the US military operation as the Taliban made progress on key bases in the country.

More than 300 Taliban militants have been killed during encounters with government security forces in different provinces of Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan gave this information on Saturday. According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the Defense Ministry said that the security forces have killed more than 300 Taliban terrorists in different provinces of the country during the last 24 hours.

Significantly, the US has started withdrawing almost its troops from July 1. Since then, conflict has erupted between the Afghan army and Taliban militants in remote rural areas. Taliban militants have also carried out attacks in several districts targeting government forces.

‘Without a fight, captured easily’

Here, the Taliban claims that it has taken control of one-third of the 421 districts. Its provincial council member Mohib-ul-Rahman has said that several districts of Badakhshan in the northeast were abandoned by security forces without a fight. Ten districts have been acquired by the Taliban in the last three days. A Taliban spokesman confirmed the district had been captured without a fight.

new law after taking possession

Here, it is reported that the Taliban have started implementing new laws as soon as they take over the areas. It states that no woman can leave the house alone. Apart from this, it has been made mandatory for men to grow a beard.


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