Baran News: Liquor made the son a giant, reached to crush the neighbor with a tractor, then trampled the mother


  • The incident of Bhatwada village of Mangrol police station area of ​​Baran district of Rajasthan
  • The son accused of murder had also tried to crush the neighbor and other relatives
  • Motorcycles and cots were also hit in the village

Baran, Arjun Arvind
A 70-year-old mother was brutally murdered by a drunken son by crushing her with a tractor in Rajasthan’s Baran district. The incident took place on July 1 in Bhatwada village of Mangrol police station area. The police has registered a murder case against the murdered son Brijmohan on the report of his father Chhitarlal Mali. The police (Bhilwara Police) is looking for the accused to arrest him.

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Tractor was brought under the influence of alcohol to trample the neighbor sitting with the family
It is being told that the son Brijmohan, who had killed his mother, had brought a tractor to trample the neighbor Amritlal, who was sitting with his family outside his house, in an inebriated condition. On the platform outside the house, the neighboring accused’s father, Chhitarlal and mother Bhuli Bai, sister-brother-in-law, brother-in-law were also sitting. The accused first quarreled with all these people, then brought a tractor, and tried to crush them all along with Amrutlal. Seeing this, all the people sitting on the platform got up with Amritlal, but the elderly mother of the accused kept sitting on the platform due to her condition and during this time the son ruthlessly hit the mother.

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Serious injury to mother’s stomach and legs
After this, the elderly woman suffered serious injuries near her abdomen and in her legs. Here, there was a stir in the village Bhatwara due to the incident. Seriously injured Bhuli Bai was taken to Baran District Headquarters Hospital for treatment, where Bhuli Bai died on Saturday, July 3.

The accused did not stop even after hitting the mother
Mangrol police station officer Rambilas Meena said that the accused tried unsuccessfully to trample other people after crushing the mother. After this, he hit the bikes parked in the corridors of the village and also broke a cot by hitting the tractor. The accused fled after the incident. SHO Rambilas Meena said that the whole incident was due to family quarrel and the accused was irritating with neighbor Amritlal, who was sitting with his family members. The impact of the tractor was so strong that Chubatra was also damaged.

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