Be alert! New cases of corona found more than those recovering after 55 days, active cases also increased

corona virus The continuous decline in cases for the last two months seems to be decreasing now. In the last 24 hours, 45,892 new cases of corona infection have been found across the country. At the same time, 44,291 people have recovered during this period. This is the first time after 55 days, when the number of new cases of corona is more than the people recovering. Not only this, 817 people have died due to corona in the last one day. Not only this, the number of active cases has also increased compared to Wednesday. Then there were 4.59 lakh active cases across the country, which has now crossed 4.60 lakh.

At present, the total number of active cases of corona in the country is 4,60,704. The number of active cases is 1.50 percent as compared to the total cases found so far in the country. So far 3.07 crore people have been infected with corona in the country, out of which 2.98 crore people have defeated the virus. In the last one day itself, 44,291 people have recovered. However, this has happened after 55 days, when the number of recoveries has come down in comparison to the active cases. This is a matter of concern. However, even now the recovery rate of Corona remains 97.18% in the country.

Talking about the weekly positivity rate, it is currently 2.37% while staying below 5 percent continuously. The daily positivity rate has also remained below 3 per cent for 17 consecutive days. Due to the fast pace of vaccination in the country and the restrictions implemented by the states, there was a rapid decrease in corona cases in the last few weeks. But now the increase in it once again is a cause for concern. Although the number of new cases is still below the benchmark of 50,000 per day, it is important to maintain vigilance.

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