Bhilwara News: Mining blast caused cracks in houses, now ₹ 40000000 compensation, Gehlot had also seen the situation

Pramod Tiwari
NGT has issued a big relief order for the owners of 375 damaged houses of Pur, a suburb of Textile City Bhilwara. In the decision of the National Green Tribunal, the landlords have been ordered to pay one lakh rupees each.

A bench headed by National Green Tribunal Chairperson Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel attributed the cracks in these damaged houses to mining explosion. Jindal Shaw Limited, which is doing iron ore mining work in the Tiranga hills of Pur, will have to deposit Rs 4 crore to compensate for the damages of these damaged houses.

It is written in the order that the District Collector of Bhilwara will give one lakh rupees each to all the families as compensation. However, against this order, the NGT has also given Jindal Shaw Limited an opportunity to present its side.
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The complainant Balkrishna Vyas had demanded action against those belonging to the National Green Tribunal in this matter. On the application of the complainant Balkrishna Vyas in the National Green Tribunal, the Rajasthan State Pollution Board of the state government had submitted its reply. The inspection reports of teams from IIT Roorkee and CSIR Dhanbad were also presented by the state government. These teams had inspected these damaged 375 houses of Pur from 18 to 20 August 2019, in which complaints of cracks and damping were found. However, the report did not specify the reason for the cracks in the house that these cracks were caused by Jindal Shaw’s mining blasting.

During the hearing of the case, the National Green Tribunal took the decision of various cases as the basis and held that the reason for the cracks in the houses is not clear. But there is no other reason for the cracks in these houses, so the reason for the damage in the houses is the mining blasting being done by Jindal Shaw Limited. The NGT has also written in its order that the State Legal Services Authority will ensure that this amount is being received by the genuine victim.
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After payment to the party, the remaining amount will be spent on environmental protection in Pur, if needed, Bhilwara Collector will be able to demand this amount from Jindal and in future Jindal Shaw will do the work of explosion in a scientific manner. On this order of National Green Tribunal, complainant Balkrishna Vyas said that We are not satisfied with this order as the matter pertains to damage to 1180 houses. We will also appeal this order.

Yogesh Soni, Secretary, Pur Sangharsh Samiti said that we demand that all the 1180 houses damaged by Jindal’s mining blasting should be given a compensation of Rs.25 lakh each. Rajendra Gaur, Liaison Head, Jindal Shaw Limited said about this order that we are not aware of the NGT order. We have not only been made a party in the NGT, against the order, we will apply for review in the NGT and will present our side.
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The problem of cracks in more than a thousand houses in Pur, a suburb of Bhilwara, is so much that the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot, on 28 September 2019, roamed for 3 hours and took stock of the cracks in these houses. On the instructions of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Bhilwara Municipal Development Trust had prepared a plan to set up a new pur near Ramprasad Ladda Nagar on Gangapur Road in Bhilwara and sent it to the state government to compensate the damaged landlords. And the Urban Development Trust has also started action on this. Development on the foundation of destruction has now become the destiny of the residents of the historical suburb of Bhilwara.

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