Bihar Education: Bihar lags behind Jharkhand in online education, compared to 73% of neighboring state, only 14 percent children have computer- report


  • Bihar lags behind Jharkhand in online education
  • Shocking disclosure in UDISE report
  • Only 14% children in Bihar have computer- report
  • 73% students have access to computer in Jharkhand – Report

At a time when online study is the only option available to students due to the Corona pandemic, only 14% of school students in Bihar have a computer. This disclosure has been made in the report released after a survey.

Bihar behind Jharkhand
According to a recently released Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) report, one in five schools in Bihar had working computers and only a limited number of them had internet connections. It is even more surprising to know that in the neighboring state of Jharkhand, 73 per cent students have access to computers, the report said.
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Online study is the only way in lockdown
Since the imposition of a nationwide lockdown in March last year due to a surge in Covid-19 cases, school children have had to embrace digital technology to pursue education. The availability of digital education through Zoom or recorded lectures, live, synchronous teaching through email, WhatsApp or educational apps was entirely dependent on whether schools, teachers and parents had access to the necessary infrastructure or No.

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Bihar’s education minister also agreed
Education Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary acknowledged that the state lacks digital technology in schools. In an economically backward state, especially in rural areas, children did not have digital tools to continue their online studies during the pandemic.

The minister said that ‘the government is already aware of this problem and sometime back, under the Samagra Shiksha Yojana, to provide necessary digital equipment like smartphones and laptops to the students and to install a good number of computers with internet, the central government Requested to sanction the required amount. Connectivity is planned in all schools so that our children do not face any problem.

‘Such condition shameful for the state’
Former member of Bihar Public Service Commission Shiv Jatan Thakur said that it is really shameful for the state that 86 per cent school children are deprived of the facility of online education due to lack of digital technology. As a result, a large percentage of the state’s human capital will not be able to contribute to the state’s economic development.


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