BJP in preparation for big change in Bengal, can show the way out to the rebels, reward the loyalists

The situation arising out of the defeat in West Bengal is proving to be very difficult for the BJP. The BJP is now gearing up to take some major steps here to handle the situation. A large number of dissidents are said to be those who joined the BJP in the hope of getting something after winning the elections. However, after the defeat in the assembly elections, their intentions do not seem to be fulfilled and they are trying to spoil the atmosphere. The party is, therefore, in the process of taking action against dissidents and some leaders who joined before the elections after the defeat in the assembly elections. At the same time, there is a possibility of comprehensive organizational changes. State BJP President Dilip Ghosh said the party is no one above discipline.

Party sources said the state BJP is in the process of creating a monitoring period to include leaders of other parties. At the same time, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) is considering adopting a specific political line on Bengal with its all-India policy to fight sub-nationalism. The BJP has decided to revamp the organisation by rewarding skilled party workers and leaders and remove several defections at the local and district levels. The party has also decided to rein in discontent with a two-way approach.

The steps will be taken in view of election defeat, growing internal strife and leaders and workers leaving the party. Mukul Roy had recently left the BJP and returned to the Trinamool Congress. Party sources said discontent in the state BJP has increased after the defeat in the assembly elections in May. There is a rift between senior party leaders who are blaming each other for the failure. According to state BJP president Dilip Ghosh, discussions are on for some changes at various levels of the organization. There are some issues. It would have been better if such things had not happened. He said the party is no one above discipline.

He said there are some people who joined the party in the hope of getting something when the BJP comes to power. But now, as we have failed, they are speaking in a different tone. We all have to follow the rules and discipline of the party. Party sources said there is growing resentment as no action has been taken against leaders like Rajib Banerjee and Soumitra Khan from TMC. Several other leaders like Sonali Guha, Sarla Murmu, Dipendu Biswas and Bachchu Hansda have expressed their desire to return to the TMC. Learning from the mistakes of the assembly elections, the BJP has decided to form a ‘screening team’ (investigation team) whose approval will be mandatory for anyone wanting to join the party.

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