Blood kept flowing from the feet, but Messi did not leave the field, took the team to the finals

Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi took his team to the final despite being injured in the match played against the Copa America on Wednesday.

New Delhi. Argentina’s star footballer and captain Lionel Messi is desperate to win the title for his country. In the semi-finals of the tournament played against Copa America on Wednesday, Argentina made it to the final by winning the penalty shootout against Colombia. Messi was bleeding from his ankle during this match, but despite this he did not leave the field and continued to play. Seeing his dedication, his fans and many veteran players are praising him fiercely on social media. One user wrote that if someone else had been there, when would he have left the field, but Messi always plays for the team. He showed this.

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Messi gave the pass, Martinez scored the goal
Lautaro Martínez scored for Argentina in the 7th minute in the semi-final match. Messi gave the pass for this goal and Martinez scored the goal. With this, Argentina won the first half with a goal. In the second half, Luis Diaz scored for Colombia in the 61st minute to level the match. In this match, in the 55th minute of the ball, Messi injured his ankle and started bleeding.

The final will take place on July 11 from Brazil
The Copa America 2021 title match will be played on July 11 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The match will be played between defending champions Brazil and Argentina. On July 10, there will be a battle for the third number. This match will be between Colombia and Peru.

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Brazil can win the title for the 7th time
Messi’s team Argentina has won this title the most 9 times. Uruguay and Chile, at number two, have won this title 7-7 times. After this, the team of Brazil and Peru have become champions 6-6 times.


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