Brazilian President Bolsonaro accused of scam for buying vaccine from India, SC approves investigation

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president of brazil Jair Bolsonaro Indian company Bharat Biotech from covaccine Got caught in the allegation of scam regarding purchase. He has been accused of misappropriating the price of the vaccine. After which the Supreme Court of Brazil has given its approval for the investigation against Bolsonaro. It has also been ordered to present the report of this investigation in the court within 90 days.

Allegations have been made regarding the cost of covaccine
Last week, the Estado de So Paulo newspaper reported that the Brazilian government has signed an agreement with an Indian company for 20 million doses of the corona vaccine. In this, the cost of one dose was said to be $ 15 (about Rs 1117). Whereas, in a secret message from the Brazilian Embassy in Delhi, the cost of a dose of Covaccine was 100 rupees ($ 1.34).

Brazil’s Supreme Court approved
This is the reason why opposition MPs sitting openly against Bolsonaro requested the Supreme Court to investigate. During the hearing in this case, the Supreme Court of Brazil has ordered an investigation regarding the vaccine deal with Indian company Bharat Biotech. According to Brazil’s G1 website, Justice Rosa Weber has agreed to the request of the Attorney General’s office to complete the investigation within 90 days.

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Investigators to trace Bolsonaro’s role
Investigators will find out what President Jair Bolsonaro was doing about it. That is, the court has approved the investigation of Bolsonaro’s role in the deal. Meanwhile, Brazil’s left-wing and centrist parties have filed impeachment requests against Bolsonaro in the lower house.

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Brazil suspends vaccine deal
Brazil has suspended its deal with Bharat Biotech after allegations of corruption in its vaccine purchase. Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga tweeted that on the recommendation of CGUOnline, we have decided to temporarily suspend the Covaccine Agreement. He said that as per the preliminary analysis of CGU, there are no irregularities in the agreement but due to non-compliance, the ministry has decided to withhold the agreement for further analysis.

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Senate is also investigating against Bolsonaro
Bolsonaro has been the target of nationwide protests in recent weeks. He called the Senate committee an inquiry into the government’s COVID-19 response a national embarrassment. Bolsonaro said the purpose of the investigation was to undermine his administration. Brazil is investigating why the health ministry ignored opportunities to buy vaccines. Whereas, Bolsonaro has consistently advocated the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, which has been shown in several studies to be ineffective in the treatment of Kovid-19.


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