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Career In Tourism: While traveling to a new city or country, you are not only interested in witnessing the famous attractions there but also in getting to know the unique culture of the place through traditional food, historical things and traditional costumes. Cultural tourism or cultural tourism focuses on this aspect of tourism. Under this, tourists get the experience of seeing, knowing about the culture and heritage of a specific place. So let’s know about it-

What is Cultural Tourism?
A departure from the old ways of traveling to a place, it is a special form of tourism that also informs the travelers about the local cultural aspects of the place they are visiting. These aspects can range from cuisine and festivals to historical sites and museums. Its objective is to facilitate cultural exchange between the local people as well as the tourists. In addition, it helps local communities promote their history as well as promote economic development.

By studying this area, you will come to know how the diverse cultural characteristics of a place can be emphasized so that it is a thrilling experience for the tourists.

courses and universities
Similar to sustainable tourism, it is a specialized field of study and those who wish to pursue this branch can either opt for a certificate program or pursue a master’s degree in this subfield. In addition, you can start with a bachelor’s degree in International Tourism and then opt for an MA or an MSc.
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Courses and Universities in Cultural Tourism

  1. Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Tourism – GW School of Business
  2. Diploma in Global Cultures – University of Otago
  3. Cultural Heritage Tourism Certificate – American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
  4. BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management – Solent University
  5. Bachelor of Social Science in Tourism and Heritage – University of Western Sydney
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Museum and Cultural Heritage – University of Auckland
  7. Bachelor of European Culture – University of Rocklaw
  8. Bachelor in Heritage and Tourism – University of Stirling
  9. Bachelor in History and Tourism – Liverpool Hope University
  10. MA Tourism and Cultural Policy – Goldsmith University of London
  11. MSc International Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management – Edinburgh Napier University
  12. MA in Tourism and Culture – Radboud University

scope of cultural tourism
With a huge range of jobs in travel and tourism, there are many opportunities available for those who want to pursue this field. The travel and tourism industry is booming with the use of technology, making it easy for tourists to plan their own itinerary through an online app. Countries are also realizing the role of tourism in economic and cultural development. Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis on promoting diverse cultures and communities.

Cultural tourism aims to bring out the heritage, culture of a tourist destination, to make a career in this field, you need to develop the skills to facilitate high-level engagement between the tourists of a place and the local communities. After completing a degree or diploma in Cultural Tourism, one can choose career options available in public as well as private sectors.
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to benefit the local communityCultural tourism is a great option:

  • This has a positive impact on the economy of any destination.
  • It can help disadvantaged communities to thrive.
  • The amount can be used for social good.
  • It helps to preserve the local culture.
  • Improves the marketing of cultural tourism destinations.
  • It emphasizes the uniqueness of the culture.

Countries popular for cultural tourism
France is known for its excellent cultural tourism, with Paris being the center.
China pays great attention to its culture.
Istanbul is at the forefront of Turkey.
India is very famous for its culture.
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career profile

  • holiday representative
  • travel agent
  • tour manager
  • air cabin crew
  • Tourist Information Center Manager
  • Leisure Activity Co-ordinator
  • community outreach manager

job area

  • Government Ministry (Tourism and Culture)
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • travel agency
  • Heritage Museum
  • community outreach management
  • museum administration
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Airlines


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