Career Options In Sociology: Want to make a career in Sociology? Here are the top 9 options in India


  • How to make a career in Sociology?
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Career In Sociology: Sociology is the study of changes in social life, social causes and the effects of human behavior on society. It also teaches students how to examine different structures such as groups of people, institutions and society as a unit. In an undergraduate or postgraduate course in sociology, students conduct a number of research projects to study social issues, test theories, and analyze to develop better models for social development.

One can study sociology at the undergraduate level and then do a postgraduate course in sociology. Sociology as a subject is taught in most colleges and universities.

  • BA in Sociology- To enroll in BA course in Sociology, a candidate must have completed their 10+2 (Higher Secondary) examination with social science as one of the subjects.
  • MA in Sociology- Candidate must have completed Graduation in Sociology with minimum 60% marks in aggregate.

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Career Options in Sociology
Social Worker
Social worker means a career in helping people and improving the society. This is the most sought job for Sociology aspirants. Sociology graduates can use the knowledge of social dynamics to analyze social issues and find ways to help solve them. Social workers refer issues to appropriate community agencies to ensure allocation of resources to individuals and families in need.

Journalism is the ideal choice for those candidates who have writing ability and a good understanding of people’s perspective and analysis of social issues. Top news agencies and publications in India are always on the lookout for professionals who understand the social situation.

administrative assistance
Top educational institutions need professionals who can assess individual and group psychology, understand human behavior and address issues. Sociologists can become part of the administrative staff in schools, colleges, and universities.
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rehabilitation counselor
If you are willing to help the youth of your society, then this career option is ideal for you. Rehabilitation counselors use their counseling techniques learned in sociology to guide young people who have been misled into making wrong decisions in life, who have committed crimes, or who have been abused or traumatized in life.

family counselor
Sociologists are skilled counselors and hence their expertise is used in family counseling. Family counselors use their observation and critical thinking to assess various family or marital issues and provide guidance.

survey researcher
As the name suggests, survey researchers conduct surveys. These include observing social and political issues, health and culture patterns, and how consumers are reacting to a particular product or service. They create questionnaires, form focus groups, and get candid answers. Sociologists use data collection and statistical analysis techniques to gather evidence and produce well-informed reports for public and private organizations.
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Human Resource (HR) Specialist
Part of being a sociologist involves interacting with a large number of people every day. This is the foundation of being a HR specialist. It interviews candidates to arrive at a decision whether a candidate is suitable for a particular job or not.

policy analyst
Sociologists have to study policies in their educational journey. This is the reason why they are hired as policy analysts to observe social issues and recommend legislators to solve these issues. Sociologists can use their knowledge and skills to analyze sociological research data to understand whether particular legislation has had a positive or negative impact on social issues and the population.


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