Causes and prevention methods of sexual dysfunction

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) between men and women due to unprotected sexSTD)
There are. There are many types of these sexual diseases. Mainly it includes HIV/AIDS, syphilis, mycoplasma genitalium, gonorrhea, chancroid, condyloma, trichomoniasis, human papilloma virus infection, herpes genitalis, hepatitis, pubic lice, etc. The consequences of these venereal diseases are very dire, so they should not be taken lightly. Some of these diseases are incurable, some diseases can be cured, some are treated for life. Due to some venereal diseases, a person even dies. This is the reason why doctors emphasize more on the methods of prevention than the treatment of sexual diseases so that the condition of infection does not arise. Therefore, there is a need to know the responsible reasons behind the occurrence of these diseases so that these diseases can be avoided.

What are the causes of sexual diseases

Having unprotected sex, having sex with more than one partner, having unprotected sex with another partner if you have a sexual infection yourself, having a physical relationship with prostitutes, the risk of getting sexually related diseases is very high. Yet most people are not ready to understand the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases.

not using condoms


While the world is becoming aware of safe sex, there are some people who are not ready to understand the seriousness of this matter, so they are careless in the use of condoms. The habit of not using condoms is most responsible for the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and other related infections.

Having sex with multiple partners while intoxicated with drugs


There has been a significant increase in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis in women due to drug use. Especially, the use of drugs during sex is a big reason for having sex in a frenzied way. Taking drugs during sex significantly increases the risk of having unprotected sex and having sex with multiple partners, due to which the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases also increase greatly.

Ways to prevent sexually related diseases
* Be sure to use condoms while making a sexual relationship.
* Wash the genitals before and after making a physical relationship.
* Avoid having sex if suffering from fever, viral, any infection and during period. Otherwise your partner may get caught in the problem of health problem.
* Avoid making sexual relations with strangers.
* Build a sexual relationship only with your partner. It reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
* Do not share anyone else’s towels or undergarments.
* Get your regular tests done so that you can be found out about whether you are infected with any sexually transmitted disease or not.
Get hepatitis B vaccine.

What to do if infected with a sexually transmitted infection
If you get STI or STD positive when you get tested, then you need to take some precautions.
If you are infected with a sexually transmitted infection, get your partner tested as a precaution.
* Abstain from having sex until you are completely healthy.
* Follow the doctor’s instructions seriously.
*Be sure to use a condom during sex.
* Keep getting your test done from time to time so that it can be known that how much STD has been controlled or cured.

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