Children doing fake positive COVID-19 test with the help of cold drinks: Study

Children often look for clever ways to bunk out of school and now they have found a new way with respect to Kovid-19. Children for confirmation of Kovid-19 infection cold drink Using Fake Lateral Flow Test (LFT). How’s this with fruit juices, colas, and mischievous vicious kids defying the investigation? Or is it just a way to tell a fake confirmation of a real person? Mark Lorch, professor of communication science and chemistry at the University of Hull, has tried to investigate these things.

Lorch said that at first he thought of investigating these claims. So he opened the bottle of cola and orange juice and dropped a few drops of them directly on the LFT. Surprisingly, after a few minutes in every test, lines came on it, which indicates confirmation of infection. One has to understand how these tests work. If you open the LFT device, you will find a paper-like material called nitrocellulose. Also, it has a small red pad that is hidden in a plastic case below the T-line. What the red pad absorbs are antibodies, which are a sign of the Kovid-19 virus.

These devices are also attached to fine gold particles, with the help of which we can see where these antibodies are in the device. When you do this test, you have to drop your sample on a bandage with a special type of solution. This solution spreads on the nitrocellulose strip and marks gold and antibodies. This solution can also identify the virus related to Kovid-19.

But these antibodies stick to nitrocellulose. As the red blot of gold-labeled antibodies passes through this second set of antibodies, they also capture the virus. The virus then settles on a line next to the T on the equipment, indicating a positive test, leaving everything, including gold.

How do cold drinks indicate positive on the red T-line?
One possibility is that these beverages contain something that is similar to an antibody that the solution cannot detect. Swabs taken from your nose and mouth contain all kinds of things, including antibody proteins, and other viruses. Completely ignore the mess of leftovers from what you ate. So they are not going to react to the content of the cold drink. Fruit juices, colas, and cold drinks have one thing in common – they are all highly acidic, which is a very difficult situation for antibodies.

So… is there any way to detect a fake positive test?
Antibodies are a type of protein made up of amino acid building blocks that interact with each other to form a long linear chain. Antibodies (like most proteins) are able to reverse and regain their function when exposed to more favorable conditions. So I tried to wash off a test kit made with cola. On re-testing, the immobilized antibody acted as normal and released gold particles that showed a true negative result on the test.
(Source: Mark Lorch, professor of communication science and chemistry at the University of Hull, The Conversation)

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Photo: Mark Lorch

Photo: Mark Lorch


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