China does not accept the stigma of Corona, President Xi Jinping said – do not politicize or put a geographical label

fatal corona virus Spread from China to the whole world? There is no concrete information about this yet. However, many studies are being done on this. Meanwhile, the President of China has made it clear that the stigma of Corona origin is not acceptable to China under any circumstances. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday appealed to political parties around the world not to politicize the global pandemic or put any geographical stamp on it, amid growing demand for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. The first case of this infection was reported in Wuhan in late 2019. Xi also called for joint opposition to disrupting technology, addressing the summits of the country’s ruling Communist Party of China and world political parties via video link.

The origin of Kovid-19 remains a matter of wide debate. Some scientists and leaders say that the infection of this deadly virus probably spread from a laboratory. “To tackle COVID-19, we must adopt a science-based approach and support solidarity and cooperation, so that ‘bridging the vaccination gap,'” Xi said at an event held a few days after the CPC’s centenary celebrations on July 1. Can go

Xi Jinping was quoted by the official news agency Xinhua as saying that China will make every effort to support international cooperation against Kovid-19. Xi described terrorism as a common enemy of humanity and underlined the need to achieve security and stability through cooperation. “We need to encourage all countries to increase cooperation for development and ensure that the benefits of development go to all,” Xi said. Any political gimmick aimed at reducing livelihood will not be supported and will prove to be in vain. He said that development is not the prerogative of some countries, but the right of all countries.

Responding to criticism of the CPC for its authoritarian rule in China, Xi said whether a country is democratic or not should be judged not by a handful of people, but by the people at large. Xi said there are different paths to ensure people’s welfare and that people of all countries have the right to choose their own development path and institutional model.


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