CM Yogi announced new population policy in UP, said – increasing population hinders development, know everything about it

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday announced the Population Policy 2021-30 in the state on the occasion of World Population Day. On this occasion, he said that increasing population can be a hindrance in the path of development. He said that concerns have been raised about this from time to time. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the last four decades. Positive results have been seen in the countries, states where it has been tried.

During the program organized at CM residence on the occasion of World Population Day, CM inaugurated Population Stability Fortnight. Yogi said that population is also a major cause of poverty. He said that every section has been taken care of in the new population policy. The CM said that we have to think about the increasing population of the country.

Referring to UP, the CM said that there is a need to reduce the fertility rate here. Presently the fertility rate of the state is 2.9. The government aims to bring this down to 2.1. He said that it is important to keep the right difference between two children. Otherwise they are at risk of malnutrition. CM said that I am happy to implement the new population policy in the state.

what is the new policy

Under the new population policy, access to contraceptive measures issued under the family planning program will be increased for the period 2021-30. There will be proper arrangement for safe abortion. Efforts will also be made to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality through improved health facilities and population stabilization by providing accessible solutions to the problem of impotence/infertility.

An important proposal in the new policy is to make comprehensive arrangements for the care of the elderly, apart from better management of nutrition, education and health of adolescents aged 11 to 19 years. The Chief Minister said that poverty and illiteracy are major factors for population expansion. The period of outgoing population policy 2000-16 of the state has ended.

will get promotion in job

The Uttar Pradesh government will give promotions, increments, concessions in housing schemes and other allowances to those employees who follow population control norms or have two or less children. Government employees adopting the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service, 12 months of maternity or paternity leave with full pay and allowances and a 3% increase in the Employer’s Contribution Fund under the National Pension Scheme .

Free medical facility will be available for 20 years

Those who are not government employees and contribute in controlling the population will get benefits like water, housing, home loan etc. Tax exemption. If the parents or any one of the child’s parents opt for sterilization, they will get free medical facilities till the age of 20 years.


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