Corona Delta Variant: ‘People who have recovered from Corona get help to avoid the Delta variant after the vaccine dose’


  • People freed from corona get more protection from delta variant after vaccine
  • Scientists conducted study regarding Kovidhield vaccine in relation to Kovid-19
  • WHO told the change in Delta variants of Corona a matter of concern

New Delhi
On recovery from Kovid-19, people who have taken one or both doses of the vaccine are further protected from the delta variant of the corona virus. This has been claimed in a study. However, the study is yet to be reviewed and was posted on the ‘BioRxiv Preprint Server’ on Friday.

Study done on covidshield vaccine
Scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), National Institute of Virology, Pune and Department of Neurosurgery, Command Hospital (Southern Command) have conducted a study regarding Kovid-19 in relation to Kovid-19. The study noted that the high prevalence of the delta variant led to a second wave of the pandemic in India, affecting millions of people.
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WHO told the change in variants a matter of concern
The recent rise in B.1.617 cases in India has raised new concerns for public health. “The variants further changed to B.1.617.1 (Kappa), B.1.617.2 (Delta) and B.1.617.3,” the study said. Clearly, the delta variant has gradually taken over the second variant. With this, the World Health Organization (WHO) has described it as a matter of concern.



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