Councilor on target after BVG scam, now BJP councilor husband arrested after Congress councilors


  • Two brokers of BJP councilor husband arrested taking bribe of 2 lakhs
  • Bribery was demanded by stopping the leveling work on the ancestral land of the complainant
  • Rs 50 lakh was sought in bribe

Ajmer Naveen Vaishnav
Ajmer Anti-Corruption Bureau Special Unit on Wednesday arrested two touts of BJP councilor’s husband red-handed taking a bribe of 2 lakhs. It is being told that he had stopped the work of leveling the ancestral land of the complainant and demanded a bribe of Rs 50 lakh. ACB officials have told that the councilor husband has been made an accused in the case, while at present, the role of the councilor is being investigated. At the same time, other aspects related to the case are also being investigated.

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Leveling work was being done
ACB DSP Paras Mal Panwar said that the complainant gave a complaint to ACB on July 1. It was told that he has 7 to 8 bighas of ancestral land in Johnsganj area. He was doing leveling work on this land. Meanwhile, Ranjan Sharma, husband of local BJP councilor Neetu Mishra, came and stopped the work by threatening. At the same time, he said that if work is to be done, then 10 plots will have to be done in his name. Later he sent his brokers Kishan Khandelwal and Devendra Singh, who promised to give 50 lakh rupees if the plot was not given. Even if the complainant did not agree to this amount, then the deal was settled for Rs 40 lakh.

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5 lakhs were demanded in the first installment
According to the information received, Rs 5 lakh was asked to be given as the first installment on Monday. But for some reason, not giving the amount on Monday, today called the complainant to give the amount and talk at the GCA intersection on Wednesday. Both Kishan Khandelwal and Devendra Singh, the brokers of Ranjan Sharma were present at the GCA intersection. The complainant asked to take Rs 2 lakh as first installment and the touts got the amount. There was talk of the arrival of councilor husband Ranjan Sharma too. But due to leak of information, he fled after turning off the phone.

Councilor’s house searched
ACB officials said that Ranjan Sharma is being sought in the case. Whereas councilor Neetu Mishra has a role in this matter. This is also being investigated. It is being told that the team of ACB DSP Anoop Singh searched the house of Councilor Neetu Mishra. At present, the ACB has not told about what was recovered from the house.

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