Darbhanga Blast Case: Suspected terrorists in Darbhanga blast case were interrogated in Delhi, there was a conspiracy to blow up the moving train


  • Big update in the case of Darbhanga blast case
  • NIA took suspected terrorists from Patna to Delhi
  • Both the suspected brothers were arrested from Hyderabad
  • On June 17, there was an explosion in the parcel at Darbhanga station.

darbhanga blast The NIA team took the suspected terrorist brothers arrested in the case from Patna to Delhi. Was taken to Delhi by flight late Saturday evening. He will be interrogated at the Delhi NIA office.

swift action in darbhanga blast case
NIA is taking swift action in the case of parcel blast at Darbhanga railway station in Bihar on June 17. Two suspected terrorist brothers were arrested from Hyderabad. He was produced in Patna’s NIA court on Friday, from where the court had given him on remand. Apart from this, the NIA team arrested two suspected terrorists from Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. They were produced in Patna’s NIA court on Saturday. One of them has been remanded. So far four suspected terrorists have been arrested.

Darbhanga Blast: Suspected terrorist of Darbhanga blast, taken on 7-day remand from Patna NIA court, accused of conspiring to blow up a moving train

There was a conspiracy to blow up a moving train
According to the information received so far in the interrogation of the arrested terrorists in the Darbhanga blast case, the moving train had to be blown up. But due to a small mistake it could not happen. Had it not been for that mistake, there would have been a big blast in the running train itself. Nasir told the NIA that there was a conspiracy to blow up the Secunderabad-Darbhanga train. During interrogation, Nasir said that he had kept hard board instead of paper, due to which there was delay in getting the chemical and the blast could not take place in the moving train.

Darbhanga Blast Case: Second remand in Darbhanga blast case, NIA to interrogate suspected terrorists brought from UP for 6 days

A name of the sender and receiver of the parcel
You can guess the conspiracy from the fact that the name and address of the parcel sender from Secunderabad station was written as Sufyan resident of Secunderabad. This parcel was to be received by Mohammad Sufiyan in Darbhanga only. Just as the sender and receiver had the same name on the parcel, similarly the same mobile number was also recorded at both the places. After the blast, when the police and ATS checked the mobile number, the mobile number was of Kairana town in Shamli district.


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