Delhi can’t bear riots like February 2020 again, Supreme Court’s honesty to Facebook

The Supreme Court on Thursday said that Delhi cannot suffer riots like February 2020 again. During this, the top court also emphasized that India’s ‘unity in diversity’ cannot be hampered. A bench headed by Justice SK Kaul said the need to consider the incident from both legal and social point of view cannot be underestimated. The capital of the country cannot tolerate a repetition of the incident. Therefore, the role of Facebook in this context should be looked into by the powers that be. The court made these observations while dismissing the petition of Ajit Mohan, Vice President and MD, Facebook India, against the summons issued by the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Delhi Assembly.

The top court said that Facebook is playing an important role in giving voice to different sections of the society across the world. Despite this, care should be taken that their platform does not have a place for disruptive material filled with misinformation. The court said that because of the huge population of our country, it is an important place for Facebook. We probably have more diversity in local culture, food, clothing, language, religion, traditions than in the whole of Europe. Nevertheless, we have a history which is commonly referred to as ‘Unity in Diversity’. The bench said that unity in diversity cannot be disrupted at any cost. In fact, the assembly had asked Mohan to appear as a witness in a case related to the riots in North-East Delhi last year, but he did not do so. Thereafter summons were sent to him. The bench consists of Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice Hrishikesh Rai.


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