Dilip Sahab had made the career of cricketer Yashpal Sharma, became the hero of 1983 World Cup

Cricketer Yashpal Sharma himself had revealed in an interview that actor Dilip Kumar had made his cricket career. After this he became the hero of the 1983 World Cup.

New Delhi. Dilip Kumar, a veteran actor of Indian cinema, died on Wednesday due to prolonged illness. He was 98 years old. But do you know that Dilip Kumar made the career of an Indian cricketer who was part of the team that won India the World Cup in the year 1983. This was disclosed by former Indian cricketer Yashpal Sharma in one of his interviews.

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Dilip Kumar had made Yashpal’s career
Very few people know that Dilip Kumar has a big hand in Yashpal Sharma’s cricket career. This was disclosed by Yashpal himself in one of his interviews. Yashpal had told that till I am alive, I will have only one favorite actor and you people recognize him by the name of Dilip Kumar. But I call him Yusuf Bhai. If there is anyone who has made my career in cricket, it is Yusuf Bhai. Actually, once in a Ranji match, Dilip Sahab saw Yashpal Sharma batting. That’s when he said that you bat very well, I have spoken to the BCCI for you.

death due to prolonged illness
On Wednesday, 98-year-old Dilip Kumar passed away due to prolonged illness. In the film world, people know him as ‘Tragedy King’. Dilip sahib was admitted to the ICU of Hinduja Hospital since last Tuesday. Dr. Jaleel Parkar, who was treating him, said, ‘He passed away at 7.30 am due to prolonged illness.’

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Dilip Kumar will be handed over
Dilip Kumar passed away on Wednesday. He was handed over to Juhu Cemetery in Mumbai. The body of Dilip Kumar has reached his house from the hospital. Many celebrities reached here to pay their last farewell to the veteran actor. From Bollywood to politics and sports, all the celebrities are shocked and saddened.


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