Donald Trump to file suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google

Former US President Donald Trump on social media giants Facebook, Twitter And has announced a lawsuit against Google. Former President Donald Trump will file a lawsuit against the country’s giants Facebook, Twitter and Google, including their Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). Not only this, he announced that he would also sue the CEOs of these companies.

Donald Trump said that he would be the key person to file a lawsuit in this collective action. They claim that they have been unfairly banned by these companies. It is noteworthy that after the uproar by Trump supporters in the Capitol Building on January 6, Twitter and Facebook took action and suspended Trump’s accounts on their respective platforms.

Donald Trump said at a news conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, “We are calling for an end to this ban.” The process of blacklisting, deletion and cancellation should be stopped. These lawsuits have been filed in the US District Court on behalf of the former president.

It is noteworthy that on January 6, after violence by Trump supporters in the US Parliament Capitol Building, he was banned by social media companies including Google. Companies feared that continued tweets and posts from Trump’s account could incite violence. At the moment, Trump is not present on any of these platforms.


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