Dubai restaurant offers huge discounts to customers taking Corona vaccine

Corona vaccine to one-fourth of UAE’s one crore population (symbolic)

Special things

  • Double dose in the second dose after the first dose of vaccine
  • 25 million vaccines in UAE’s 10 million population
  • This restaurant offer is also appealing to customers


Apart from spreading rumors about the Corona vaccine, there are people and organizations who are trying new tricks to encourage vaccination. Such a unique way of Dubai Restaurant (Dubai restaurants) owners have adopted. that Corona vaccine The customers are offering huge discounts on food for the customers.

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A quarter of the population of one crore in the United Arab Emirates, approximately 2.5 million people have already been vaccinated. This is the fastest rate of vaccination after Israel. Three restaurants in Dubai, run under Gates Hospitality, have written on social media, “Love is not a corona.” This restaurant chain is offering 10 percent discount on taking the first dose of Corona vaccine and 20 percent on taking the second dose.


To get a discount on lunch, dinner or breakfast, customers just need to show any proof of vaccination like medical certificate. They will get this exemption themselves on their bill. A lot of people have welcomed the move on social media, but some people have also raised objections. One user has written that there are two ways to see this initiative. Some people will consider it a marketing stunt and some people take the initiative of encouragement so that many more people are also motivated to take the vaccine.

The UAE, consisting of seven Emirates, including Dubai, started a comprehensive vaccination program from December. The UAE has approved the use of the vaccine of Chinese company Sinopharm, American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German partner Biontech. Health agencies in Dubai say they will slow down the vaccination campaign this week, as Pfizer has said vaccines from its plant in Belgium may be delayed. While the Corona Vaccine is easily available. Despite the sharp rise in Corona’s affairs after the new year, Dubai is fully open to tourism, restaurants and services. Although masks and social distancing are mandatory.

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