Electricity increased politics in Uttarakhand, BJP 100, AAP 300 and Congress’s election stunt of giving 400 units free

In Uttarakhand, the current in politics also increased due to the preparation of the BJP government to provide 100 units of electricity free of cost. Former CM Harish Rawat also attacked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who came to Doon on Sunday and promised to provide 300 units of electricity free of cost. Said that if Uttarakhand’s Budget Even if it is equal to the annual budget of Delhi, then we will waive electricity up to 400 units. Rawat said that this is Kejriwal second term as the CM of Delhi. The people there are being given free electricity up to 200 units. Let us tell you that Energy Minister Harak Singh Rawat had announced to provide 100 units of electricity free to the people of the state.

Full bill is charged for spending more than 200 units. Keep in mind that commercial electricity in Delhi is Rs 7.75 per unit while in Uttarakhand it is just Rs 5.80 per unit. There is no match between the revenue of Delhi and the revenue of Uttarakhand. If the budget of Uttarakhand also becomes similar to that of Delhi, then Congress can give free electricity up to 400 units. Further, Rawat reiterated his promise and said that the Congress is firm on its promise based on the resources of the state. On coming to power, 100 units will be given free of cost in the first year and 200 units from next year.

lhi: MP Anil Baluni
Commenting on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s visit to Uttarakhand, Rajya Sabha MP and Bharatiya Janata Party’s national media head Anil Baluni said that before promising to the people of the state, he should clarify the promises made to the people of Delhi. Baluni said that Kejriwal had promised free electricity in Delhi, but with every bill, money is being collected from the consumers in the name of surcharge, energy charge, fixed charge. Kejriwal, who announced free water, is drinking water from tankers.

The truth of Mohalla Clinic has come in front of the whole country during the Corona period. He said that no new hospital has opened in Delhi and the publicity about schools has also proved to be airborne. Baluni said that the people of the state are aware. She has seen AAP’s tenure in Delhi. In such a situation, stop dreaming of power only by the formula of Free Free. Baluni said that the AAP government has not progressed even an inch on issues like CCTV women’s safety in Delhi.

He said that AAP’s electoral gimmicks have been exposed. MP Baluni said that the Chief Minister of Delhi will come to Devbhoomi and speak the truth and make atonement for the old mistakes, but AAP has once again done the work of casting election grains for votes by coming to the state. He said that the people of Uttarakhand are mature and always think according to the national mainstream.

Uttarakhand does not have free electricity and water
Congress state vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana said that Uttarakhand needs not free electricity and water, but unemployment, inflation, poor education and improvement in the medical system. Those who made announcements of providing electricity and water free only for the sake of power have neither concern with the state nor with the issues of the state. In a conversation with the media at Rajiv Bhavan on Sunday evening, Dhasmana said that when someone due to lack of basic facilities Will you stay in the hill or else will someone give electricity and water? Dhasmana said that this free free game has been started at the behest of BJP. That’s why the BJP’s energy minister has jumped into this debate and tried to divert the attention of the people from the real issues. However, with this statement, Dhasmana also consciously and unknowingly targeted his party. Former CM Harish Rawat is also continuously announcing free electricity these days.

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