Exclusive: Now Tejashwi realized the power of alliance, said – like-minded parties should come together… the leader of the opposition will be chosen later


  • Now Tejashwi realized the power of alliance
  • Like-minded parties come together… Leader of the opposition will be chosen later too- Tejashwi
  • Exclusive conversation with Tejashwi Yadav of NBT
  • Know what Tejashwi thinks on Chirag’s case

In the 2020 assembly elections, RLSP and former CM Manjhi’s party HAM had parted ways from the Grand Alliance on the fact that Tejashwi was not listening to anyone in the alliance. Manjhi-Kushwaha had repeatedly talked about forming a consensus on the leader of the Grand Alliance. Looks like Tejashwi has now learned a lesson from the 2020 election. Now Tejashwi says that first all the like-minded parties should come together, the leader of the opposition will be elected later also.

On the question of taking Chirag Paswan along, he says that it is up to Chirag Paswan how he wants to preserve and save his father’s political legacy. NBT’s National Political Editor Nadeem spoke to Tejashwi Yadav on various issues related to regional and national politics. Here are the main excerpts:

Question- How do you see the current political scenario of Bihar?
stunning- We can say that corruption is at its zenith. Bihar is suffering due to tussle and greed for power. Now the MLAs and ministers of the ruling parties are also preparing to revolt by understanding the pulse of the people. Recently, a minister of the government, fed up with corruption and unbridled bureaucracy, announced his resignation. In the second wave of Corona, the whole world saw how the state government left the people in God’s trust.
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Question- It is being said that you will grow closer to Chirag Paswan. Would you like to have Chirag in your alliance?
stunning- We have a decades-old family relationship with Ram Vilas Paswan ji. Except for some periods, Lalu ji and Ram Vilas ji have also done politics together. We are all hurt by the way BJP and Nitish ji has betrayed after his death. Those in power want to run the country in an unconstitutional manner. Chirag ji’s father has also fought against injustice in his long political career. Now Chirag ji has to decide how he wants to cherish and carry forward his father’s legacy.

Question- By the way, what is the impact of the breakup of LJP on Bihar politics?
stunning- There is an atmosphere of resentment against the people or parties involved in the immoral act of dismantling the LJP. People have understood that Nitish ji and Modi-Shah duo are only hungry for power and they can go to any extent to get it. The small parties involved in the government along with BJP-JDU were initially only suffering from their neglect, now they are apprehensive about the future of their party.

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Question- A big allegation on you is that when Bihar needs you, you are not there at all?
stunning- These allegations are being leveled by those in power, who have failed to discharge their responsibility. The Chief Minister himself did not come out of his residence for 143 days during the Corona period. Along with this, the order was removed that no public representative will also come out of the house. When we went out to serve the public, half a dozen cases were imposed on us. As the Leader of the Opposition, I am fulfilling what the people expect from me. Everyone knows that my father is ill. I was in Delhi in this connection. Apart from being a leader, I am also a son. All parents want their children to be with them in difficult situations. It is also my religion to serve them.
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Question: When it comes to national politics, how prepared do you see the opposition in view of 2024?
stunning- Almost all the policies of the Modi government are anti-people and anti-national. Government is doing dictatorship because of numbers force. In the last seven years, the Modi government has done no major work except to prove its election promises as a ‘jumla’. On these issues, all the opposition parties are standing with the people and with them. Certainly a non-BJP government will be formed in 2024.


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