Facebook submitted its first compliance report after Ku, proactive monitoring of more than 95 percent in most content categories

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Facebook has released its first monthly report on compliance with new IT regulations in India. Facebook reported proactive monitoring and action rates of over 95 percent across most content categories. Whereas Instagram reports proactive monitoring and action rates of over 80 percent in most cases.

The categories Facebook monitors include adult nudity, hate speech, terrorist propaganda, suicide and self-injury, violent and graphic content, drugs and spam. According to the monthly report, Instagram also has proactive monitoring for most content except spam. However, both Facebook and Instagram have low proactive monitoring rates for bullying and harassment content. While Facebook reported an action take rate of 37 percent on bullying and harassment content, Instagram reported an action take rate of 43 percent.

Earlier, micro blogging platform Ku had submitted its compliance report. Koo is the first social media platform to release compliance reports under the new IT regulations. Kuo’s June 2021 report shows that its users complained about 5,502 posts, of which 22.7 per cent (1,253) were deleted, while the rest (4,249) were taken against ‘other action’. Koo said it had proactively taken steps to control 54,235 posts, of which 2.2 per cent (1,996) were removed entirely, while the rest (52,239) were taken “other action”.

As per the new IT Act, large social media companies have to publish compliance reports every month. It contains details of complaints received and action taken. The Government of India brought new rules for social media companies and OTT platforms in February. Everyone was given time till May 25 to follow the rules.

Under these rules, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were to appoint Resident Grievance Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Nodal Contact Person in India. In the new rules, OTT and digital media platforms have been asked to make all their information public. Companies have been told in the rules that the grievance officer will have to hear the complaint within 24 hours and resolve it within 14 days.


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