FATF did not cooperate on lies against India, Pakistan Foreign Minister furious

Pakistan’s stalwart Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has erupted for not presenting him with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on lies against India. On the pretext of blast near the house of Lashkar terrorist Hafiz Saeed, Qureshi alleged that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan. He expressed disappointment that the international community is not paying heed to Pakistani concerns against India.

Qureshi said that if the international community had paid attention in time, the Johor Town area in Lahore would not have exploded. The Pakistani Foreign Minister claimed that there is clear evidence that the Indian intelligence agency RAW was behind the blast. Qureshi said that in view of the clear evidence of ‘spreading terror’, it is the duty of the FATF to ask India why it is helping terrorist activities in Pakistan.

‘Indian citizens behind bomb blast outside Hafiz Saeed’s house’
Qureshi said, “If FATF does not ask India for this, then it shows its double standard. Pakistan has the right to raise an objection against this double standard. He said that he would take up the issue of Lahore blasts at the international level. Actually, FATF has put Pakistan in the gray list due to promoting terrorism. Pakistan is unable to take loan from it and is upset. Earlier, Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Mueed Yusuf on Sunday alleged that an Indian national was behind a powerful bomb blast outside the home of Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack and the chief of the banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

The explosion happened last month. On June 23, three people were killed and 24 others were injured when a car bomb exploded outside Saeed’s residence at the Board of Revenue Housing Society in Lahore’s Johor Town. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. NSA Yusuf claimed that the mastermind of the attack is ‘an Indian national’ who has links with an intelligence agency.

‘Main mastermind related to Indian intelligence agency RAW’

“Through forensic analysis, electronic devices recovered from these terrorists, we have identified the main mastermind and the operators of this terrorist attack and we have no doubt or objection to inform you that the main mastermind is an Indian,” he said. An Indian citizen belonging to the intelligence agency RAW and is in India. However, he did not reveal the identity of the alleged suspect. In the past, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has rubbished allegations of India’s involvement in some terror attacks in Pakistan, saying the so-called claims of ‘evidence’ are a figment of imagination.

India vents the false claim of Pakistan

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had said that the international community is aware of its tactics and that Islamabad’s evidence of sponsoring terrorism has been acknowledged by none other than its own leadership. Earlier, Qureshi had also alleged that India was behind some of the terror attacks in his country, after which the Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said in November last year, “Another useless exercise of anti-India propaganda.” The so-called claims of evidence against India have no credibility, they are fabricated and based on imagination.’

Prime Minister Imran Khan later tweeted that he had instructed his team to inform the nation today of the findings of the blast investigation, saying that coordination between civilian and military intelligence agencies would help “terrorists and their international relations”. Identified.’ Saeed is a UN designated terrorist. America has placed a reward of 10 million dollars on him. He is serving a sentence on five counts of terrorism financing. Saeed-led Jamaat-ud-Dawa is a masked organization of the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. Lashkar is responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.


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