First test tube baby in Pakistan was told ‘Haram’ and ‘Gunah’, IVF became possible there

One in every five couples in Pakistan are not able to have a child naturally. Infertility is the absence of the ability to have children. In people suffering from infertility, technology has given an opportunity to forget the sadness. In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is becoming increasingly popular among infertile people, but the journey of Dr Rashid Latif, who introduced Pakistan to IVF for the first time, was not an easy one.

He was severely criticized and badly said. Even ten clerics took the front and told ‘Haram’ and ‘American conspiracy’. Dr Rashid Latif established Pakistan’s first IVF center ‘Life’ in Lahore in 1984 to remove infertility. Today thousands of babies are being born in Pakistan every year with the help of IVF technology, but when they thought of bringing technology to Pakistan, at that time there was lack of resources and awareness all over the world.

The Reality of Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

After five years of continuous hard work, in 1989, the dream of Pakistan’s first test tube baby turned into reality. The date of birth was chosen as 6 July 1989. Special arrangements were made that day and five deliveries were made on the same day. Doctor tells, "The next day the news of Pakistan’s first test tube made media headlines. The child’s father came to me and said that after reading the news, his father asked that you did not do this haraam work?

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