Follow these sex positions to reduce stress

During this pandemic, people have started living a very stressful life. People are more worried in today’s time. Working from home and scrolling on mobile in free time has become a habit for us. This is the reason that people do not have any free time, due to which the stress of the people has also increased a lot. Now in such a stressful life sex has also been affected a lot. People’s sex life is just ruined.

In today’s time everyone is battling with the pandemic. Due to which his sex life has also deteriorated. In such a situation, today we will give you some such sex position Which are very comfortable and by adopting these positions, you can reduce your stress too. So come, know about these sex positions.

spooning sex position
Spooning sex position is much better for you. Especially when you want to enjoy sex at home, then you must use the spooning position. These sex positions are more intimate and less stressful, and it only promotes warmth and camaraderie between partners. There is less stress in having sex in this position because in this position you are able to feel your partner better. To have sex in this position, you and your partner will have to lie down in the same position. The female partner lies forward and the male partner will enter the penis into the woman’s vagina from behind.

lotus sex position
Having sex in the Lotus sex position reduces stress. In this, you are able to have sex by putting your eyes in the eyes of your partner. To have sex in this position, you have to hug your partner. In this position, you do not have to stand, but you have to sit and have sex. This is a way of hugging in which you will be able to feel your partner completely. You have to sit in this position to have sex and then make your partner sit on top of you. Have sex by wrapping your feet around them.

the plow
This is an accelerated version of Missionary. To have sex in this position, the female partner has to keep her feet on the shoulders of her partner, then the male partner enters his penis into the woman’s vagina. The man has sex in such a way that the woman’s knees come near her chest. This is similar to the traditional missionary position. In this position you and your partner come face to face, which allows for a sense of intimacy that is not there in other positions. It’s a more complicated version of the classic position, and it’s a fun and efficient way to have some quick but satisfying sex.

the rabbit
The Rabbit sex position is also a great sex position. Having sex in this position can be quite enjoyable. To have sex in this position, both of you have to sit and have sex. The male partner sits on his feet and the female partner sits on top of them. In this position, the male partner inserts his penis from behind into the woman’s vagina. In this position, the male’s penis goes to the inside of the female partner, which causes more excitement. This sex position gives you pleasure and you become free from stress.

flat doggy style
It is similar to doggy style but this position is called flat doggy style position because in this position the female partner does not sit with the help of knees and hands but instead she lies straight on the bed. Having sex in this position can be quite stressful. The woman feels comfortable in this position and the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina from behind.

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