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Food Science Jobs: There are many career options in which students are interested and for this they start preparing from class 12 itself. After 12th you can make a career in food science, in which you also get the opportunity of deep research. If you are currently studying or going to study food science, then we are telling you here about the career options after taking a degree in food science.

Food Scientist/Technologist
Food scientists/technologists work closely with the production team to research new recipes using new and existing ingredients. They are required to ensure that all food products meet safety and quality standards. These careers demand high standards of hygiene and safety, excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work well in a team as well as being creative.
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nutritional therapist
If you are good at understanding and interpreting potentially complex facts and concepts and explaining them in a clear and informative way, you should consider becoming a nutritional therapist. A nutritional therapist works mostly in person, helping individuals individually by making personalized dietary recommendations based on their individual circumstances. These give advice to help healthy individuals avoid disease or prevent ill health from deteriorating.

quality assurance manager
Quality Assurance Managers play an important role in the food industry. They ensure that the food products meet the right standards. It also requires them to collect and interpret data on existing standards and procedures. Along with reporting any food product to senior management, it also tells what to do to improve it. This career requires you to have a logical mindset and be very organized and strategic with excellent problem-solving abilities.
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For those who love to cook, this can be a great career. For this try to get as much experience as you can in the hospitality industry, be it in waiting, dishwashing etc. This will give you an opportunity to learn a lot about this industry which will enhance your CV. Begins as a trainee chef/apprentice/comis, learning the tricks of the business, such as how to use knives properly and how to prepare food.

Depending on experience, a chef de party, then a sous chef (second in command) and then finally a head chef.

marketing manager
For those looking for a more creative role, a career in food marketing is a good option. As a marketing manager the focus may be on packaging, social media, consumer research or advertising. Marketing includes many different aspects of marketing new and existing products as well as building a company’s brand and image. Food marketing can be quite challenging, as it involves dealing with products that spoil over a period of time.
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purchasing manager
Purchasing Manager is all about getting and buying items at the best prices. In a food business this may mean purchasing ingredients, materials for packaging, or operational (eg electricity, machinery) or corporate (eg insurance, phone contracts) requirements. This role requires constant contact with suppliers to ensure that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right price. For this it is also necessary to be good in conversation.

Toxicologists study toxic materials and find out how they affect humans, animals, and the environment. Study on food, air, water and soil how different chemicals and biological substances change them and assess any risks or potentially harmful effects. To become a toxicologist, a strong science-based background is important – there are lots of hypotheses to test and lab reports to write.

You also need to be a logical thinker with excellent written and oral communication skills, but those with a food science background don’t mind.


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