Gavaskar was exchanged with the fisherman’s child after birth, otherwise it would be known…

Sunil Gavaskar had made such a record in his Test debut series itself, which no one has been able to break till date.

Former Indian cricket team opener Sunil Gavaskar, popularly known as ‘Little Master’, has turned 72 today. Sunil Gavaskar had made such a record in his Test debut series itself, which no one has been able to break till date. Gavaskar made his debut in the 1971 Test series against the West Indies on Caribbean soil. Gavaskar scored 774 runs in 4 matches of the series, including a double century, 4 centuries and 3 half-centuries. His world record for scoring the most runs in a five-match series while making his debut is still intact.

So Gavaskar could not become a cricketer
Although many stories of Sunil Gavaskar’s cricket career are famous, but there is such an incident of his childhood about which few people know. An incident happened to him in his childhood, which could change his whole life. Gavaskar has also mentioned this incident in his autobiography ‘Sunny Days’. He wrote in the book, ‘I would never have become a cricketer, nor would this book have been written, had it not been for Narayan Masurkar with sharp eyes in my life.

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identified by birthmark
Gavaskar wrote in his autobiography that the nurse at the hospital had mistakenly put him to sleep with the wife of a fisherman. While bathing, the two children were swapped. However, when Gavaskar was born, his uncle Narayan Masurkar saw a birthmark on Gavaskar’s ear. When he came to the hospital again the next day and the child he picked up in his lap, the birth mark was not found on his ear. After this the children were checked all over the hospital. Gavaskar was found sleeping near the fisherman’s wife. Gavaskar wrote that if uncle had not paid attention that day, he might have been a fisherman today.

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Gavaskar’s cricket career
Gavaskar scored 10,122 runs in his Test career spanning 16 years from 1971 to 1987, which included 34 centuries. Talking about ODIs, Gavaskar played 108 ODIs in his career. In this he scored 3092 runs. However, he could score only one century in ODIs. Gavaskar was the first cricketer to touch the 10,000-run mark in Test cricket. He achieved this feat in his 124th Test match against Pakistan.


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