Gold, Uranium, Lithium… 1 trillion dollar treasure hidden in Afghanistan, Chinese dragon set eyes

The mention of Afghanistan usually brings to mind the Taliban, war-ravaged cities and poverty. However, this neighboring country of India actually has such a hidden treasure that can attract the whole world towards it in the coming times. In fact, when the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia, the vast reserves of rare minerals present on the earth gathered here, where today is Afghanistan. Mining of these minerals can completely change the sun of this country, but the situation can be even worse if seen by an outsider. In such a situation, it is interesting to know that after all, is this the case in Afghanistan? (REUTERS/OMAR SOBHANI/FILE PHOTO)

America discovered treasure

After the US shook the Taliban’s power in 2004, the American Geological Society survey started a survey of this stockpile. In 2006, American researchers also conducted aerial missions for magnetic, gravity and hyperspectral surveys. Minerals found in Afghanistan include iron, copper, cobalt, gold, besides industrially important lithium and niobium. (Reuters / Danish Siddiqui)

‘Gold’ will rise ahead

Out of all this, due to the demand for lithium, Afghanistan is also called ‘Saudi Arabia’. Actually, lithium is used in laptop and mobile batteries. The US Defense Department, the Pentagon itself, had talked about Afghanistan’s lithium becoming Saudi Arabia. In view of climate change, it is certain that in the coming times, the demand for electronic devices is going to increase in place of fossil fuels. In such a situation, the heavy presence of minerals like lithium is considered to change the fortunes of Afghanistan. (OMAR SOBHANI/REUTERS)

Now China has set its eyes

The soft metal niobium is also found here, which is used to make superconductor steel. Due to the presence of so many rare minerals, it is believed that in the coming times the world will increasingly turn to Afghanistan for mining. Till now America has remained here and now China has also targeted towards it. For this, it has intensified efforts to expand the CPC (China Pakistan Corridor) to Afghanistan under the Belt and Road project of about $ 62 billion. (Omar Sobhani | Reuters)

…so why did Afghanistan itself remain poor?

According to a report, there are resources worth one trillion dollars in Afghanistan, but every year the government loses $ 300 million in revenue from mining. Afghanistan has not been able to develop in the region due to poor security, lack of laws and organizations becoming dysfunctional due to corruption. Transport and exports have become extremely difficult due to the deteriorating infrastructure. At the same time, the Afghan government imposed the tax so much that even investors stopped getting it. As a result, mining contributed only 7-10% to the country’s GDP. (REUTERS/Ahmad Masood/File Photo)


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