Good News! New consignment of 3.02 lakh vaccines reached Rajasthan, vaccination drive will start again in many districts including Jaipur from today


  • More than 3 lakh doses reached Jaipur
  • Vaccination was stalled in many districts of Rajasthan
  • New consignment will get partial relief in many districts

There is good news for the people of the state battling for the vaccine. The vaccination campaign, which has been slow for the last three days, will again gain momentum from Wednesday. This is because 3.02 lakh vaccine consignments have been reached in Jaipur on Tuesday evening. Therefore, with the arrival of the new vaccination dose, from today, the vaccination will be smoothed out in Jaipur and other districts. According to the information received from the Health Department, from today onwards, the vaccine can be administered at the centers of Jaipur.

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About 2.5 lakhs of Covishield, 50 thousand doses of co-vaccine
According to the information received, more than 3 lakh doses of corona vaccine have arrived in the state on Tuesday. Of these, 2,49,540 doses of Coveshield and 52,950 doses of Covaccine have been found. Vaccines are also being sent to these districts. At the same time, in the capital Jaipur also due to this the stalled vaccination work is being done again.

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So far 2 crore people have been dosed in Rajasthan
It is noteworthy that rapid vaccination work is being done in Rajasthan. Due to the rapid vaccination being done in the state, the state has maintained the top position in the vaccination table. But since last week, the pace of vaccination in the state had slowed down. On the other hand, due to the lack of allocation from the central government, the vaccination of the state was completely in trouble for the last three days, vaccine centers had to be closed in many districts. But from today, vaccination can be started again in many districts of the state. Let us tell you that till now more than 2 crore people in Rajasthan have been given corona vaccine.

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