Gunmen attack school in Nigeria, kidnapping more than 150 children

Nigeria Around 150 children have gone missing from a school in Kaduna state. On Monday, the mother of a girl and an official said that about 25 of the 180 children in the school have been traced since the attack by some gunmen, while police and the army were searching for other children. This is the 10th incident of kidnapping from school in north-west Nigeria since December.

Police say gunmen stormed the school, opening fire. They deactivate the security guards and enter the children’s hostel. From there the children were taken to the forest. Later managed to save 26 lives including a female teacher. The school’s founder, the Reverend John Hyab, told Reuters the rest of the children were still missing.

About 180 children were about to appear in the school exams. Locals have told that the security personnel have evacuated the school. In this area, these armed attackers kidnap children and then demand ransom. 1000 people have been kidnapped since December, of which more than 150 have never returned. They also targeted a hospital.

According to Reuters, earlier Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa used to do such things, now local miscreants have also adopted the same method.


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