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Hearing on Oxigen in Delhi High Court: Judge said- whoever obstructs oxygen supply, will be hanged


  • Agrasen, Batra and Saroj … all hospitals demand high court to direct oxygen supply
  • The High Court told the hospitals that we cannot and will not give any such instructions.
  • It is not that the Delhi government has oxygen and it is not supplying
  • We are also explaining the seriousness of the matter, we are also explaining the seriousness of the case

New Delhi
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Demands oxygen supply Delhi High Court When the judge approached, the judge’s anger went to the seventh sky.

He said that if someone disrupts the supply of oxygen, he will be sentenced to death, whatever he may be. In fact, during the hearing of the case, the Delhi government told the court that supply of oxygen from other states in the national capital was being hampered. On this, the bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli are making very strict comments.

High Court:
Are the oxygen tanks out?

Secretary of the Union Ministry of Health: Yes, the tankers have gone out. There is no shortage of efforts from the government.

Justice Sanghi: For three days, we have been watching the same story. We know what the situation is.

Government of Delhi: The oxygen we get, we will be able to supply. We are not able to make oxygen in Delhi. Only trust is being given by the central government.

Justice Sanghi (from Delhi government): But Mr. Rahul Mehra (Advocate of Delhi Government), you cannot escape this responsibility due to being a responsible government. We know what the situation is.

If there is any such example, then clearly state. We will not leave that officer because we have clearly stated in our order. Whoever hindered oxygen supply, we will hang him.

Justice Vipin Sanghi, Delhi High Court

Rahul Mehra on behalf of Delhi government There is a shortage of 100 MT oxygen in Delhi. Despite this, our 100 MT will be reduced, which is what we will do at the moment.

Justice Sanghi: Why is it decreasing when you are allotted 480 MT? Why is the supply not being supplied?

Oxygen Emergency LIVE: 1-1 breathed heavily in Delhi hospitals; 20 broke in Jaipur Golden Hospital, family uproar
Mehra on behalf of Delhi government
If the situation does not improve in 24 hours, then the situation will go out of hand. Any kind of trust should come in writing on behalf of the central government officials. There is too much Burden on the nodal officers. Nothing is going to happen to 4-5 officers.

Delhi government lawyer Mehra: At least 10 IAS officers should be employed for monitoring work. Apart from this, 24 officers should be engaged daily in this work. We have 140 hospitals and nursing homes.

Mehra: In other states, tankers are no longer being stopped on the roads, as it starts to look clean. Now rationing is being done at the factories where the production takes place. The Center should ask the states not to create any hindrance in supply.

Justice Sanghi: If there is any such example, then clearly state. We will not leave that officer because we have clearly stated in our order. Whoever hindered oxygen supply, we will hang him.

Dabra, an official of the Central Government: Supply from outside has come to Delhi. The problem is coming up in local logistics. The Delhi government will have to see as far as I know. The demand has increased manifold. But today there is a meeting with the Delhi government in which all these issues will be discussed. Logistic systems need to be made more efficient.

Breaths are heavy here, there too: Prayers for India in difficult times, increased hands of help

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told Mehra: Do not talk outside, tell the court.

Delhi government lawyer Mehra: What will we do if we get less oxygen from the allotted quota. We will have to allocate oxygen to hospitals on Prorata Basis. Because we are getting oxygen less than three days, as much as we need.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta
I did not want to sensitize the issue because it is related to humanity. Second, we do not have to create panic. That is why I do not give any Narrative. That is why I request that a senior Delhi government official be brought before the court.

Justice Sanghi: Where is Udit (Nodal Officer)?

Delhi government lawyer Mehra: He is relentlessly working as he has been working for many hours so he is relieved.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta: Could this be the reason Rahul? If Udit cannot come, then the Chief Secretary can be called.

Delhi government lawyer Mehra:
When such situation prevails in the city and the Chief Secretary is of one minute importance, will it be right?

Delhi government lawyer Mehra:
Let us just tell from the Central Government how long the 100 MT Oxigen will reach us, as promised.

Corona In Punjab: Oxygen completely ended in Amritsar private hospital, 5 patients succumbed
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta I don’t mind it. There is a lot of work load on the Chief Secretary. He is working 22 hours a day. He has the responsibility of Delhi on his shoulders and the entire country on our officers. Yet their presence is necessary because the matter is of humanity.

Piyush Goyal We are doing our best, there is a tieup from the companies. The railway has been installed. Suppliers are being talked to, who say that no one is coming to take them to consignment. Delhi government will have to arrange this.

Justice Sanghi: We never want to call the authorities in court, but this is emergency situation.

Batra Hospital
We have 33 corona patients in ICU here. We have only so much oxygen at the moment that an hour’s work can go on.

Justice Sanghi: We are listening to them (hospitals) because they are coming in emergency situations. But they also know that they are regulated by the government. All the officers are working to solve the problem.

Noida Corona Cases: Corona’s havoc and Oxigen’s shortage … Hon’ble did not come forward to give ‘breaths’ of assurance
The issue of Jaipur Golden Hospital arose

Golden Hospital We lost 25 lives yesterday because of Oxygen’s chem. Patients are being killed. We are now concerned about the patients who are admitted in our hospital. It is very important to understand the seriousness of the case.

Delhi government lawyer Mehra: The government today does not know from which supplier which hospital gets how much oxygen. We are only getting messages on WhatsApp that supplies are not being made. Because there are already ongoing contracts with suppliers of hospitals. We have to end and check where the shotfall is. The second issue would also be to tell the refilling unit how many oxygen were given to which hospitals. Documentation is needed. Only then have to streamline.

Solicitor General:
This is what I am saying that Delhi government has to do stream line. Delhi government will have to make an efficient mechanism.

The issue arose in the High Court.
The Delhi IIT reports that the tsunami will hit on 15 May. A news has to be made on this.

Doctor of Jaipur Golden Hospital in front of High Court

Justice Sanghi Mehta ji will tell you when 480 MT is coming, where is it? You had assured me. Where is 480 mt oxgin? If it comes, then maybe Delhi’s problem can be solved?

High Court’s question to the Central Government official- Delhi is not an industrial city. Maybe there are no oxygen tankers, no nitrogen tankers, so what are you doing, what did you do to arrange this?

Piyush Goyal I have spoken to the Chief Secretary of Delhi that we have to make a mechanism and he has assured that he is working on this issue.

I request the government that the Delhi government officials should be allowed to work on this issue and let it be known.

A heated argument ensued between SG and Rahul Mehra.

Then Golden Hospital alleged that we are trying to get in touch with Delhi government officials tomorrow evening but they are not coming in contact. That is why we have to talk on the ground reality.

Sachin Gupta, a lawyer at Golden Hospital, questioned the Delhi government’s counsel that can you tell your officers to save the lives of patients?

Rahul Mehra- First we will know where oxygen is being produced and how much we will work on the issue of supply.

Piyush Goyal Sir, there is no shortage in production. is available. Tankers have been sent in Durgapur, what tankers have been sent in Rourkela and Kalinganagar.

Dabra- Sir, there is a huge amount of oxygen available in these two plants. They are waiting for the Delhi government tankers.

High Court- You know what is being done if the Delhi government does not have a tanker.

Dr. Ashish Verma, High Court from Health Department, Government of Delhi What action are you taking? We are not here to facilitate. Tell me what steps you have taken by yourself to get oxygen, as Dabra has told that 1500 MT oxygen is available in these plants.

Delhi High Court said about Arvind Kejriwal- Your political head has been an official of the government in itself. Asked the Delhi government why he along with his officers and all the leaders are not working out a solution to this problem.

High court from Ashish Verma, senior officer of Delhi government- What action are you taking? It is evident that there is a lack of communication between you and the center. You are taking the supply very lightly, when oxygen is present. When you know that you have allotted these three plants, then you will have to contact them.

Golden Hospital-
I have more than two hundred patients admitted here. Yesterday I lost 21 lives. One minute is too heavy for me.

Solicitor General- Only empty tankers have been sent to Durgapur via Airlift and can be sent. But they cannot be lifted after filling. If these tankers come to Delhi, it should be necessary to have a system of minutering, to see how much oxygen is being delivered to which hospital. It should not be taken as Criticism. I am also a resident of Delhi.

High Court from Delhi Government Citing a report of IIT said that the tsunami of cases is going to come in mid-May, then what kind of steps has been taken by the Delhi government to control it? You have to control deaths.

Solicitor General- 50 Hazari MT is an attempt to import oxygen. We are able to produce only 7,000 MT. I am giving this as the head of the family. Our officials are constantly working on this issue. All the states have been told that if you obstruct oxygen supply, you will be put in jail directly. Nothing is carved on the stone. There are floating plans because there is emergency situation. Necessary steps have to be taken.

On the question of deaths in Jaipur Golden Hospital, he said that it is to be seen whether he died due to lack of oxygen or due to some other reason.

We will hang those who stop oxygen … Today, when the Delhi High Court showed the form of rage
Agrasen Hospital Questioned SG’s claims that I have 306 patients here and 106 are critical. We have been contacting every officer from their nodal officer to yesterday and told us that our name is not even in the list where oxygen is to be supplied. What do we do?

Central Officer The railway is ready. We are just waiting for the tanker.

Government of Delhi Until the tankers are available with us, it will be a great favor if the central government facilitates.

Solicitor General- We will facilitate for everyone, for Delhi too but you also do something. Advocates of Delhi Government are stuck on ensuring the supply of 480 MT and are insisting on it.

Delhi High Court from the Central Government official- Is it possible that more oxygen can be supplied from Durgapur at the first time, as long as the supply from other plants is made because the government says that there is enough stock in this plant.

Justice Sanghi Both of you (Central and Delhi Government) should work together, if there is a shortage then the role of the Central Government will be formed here. It was resolved.

On behalf of Jaipur Golden, the court was told that there is a lack of coordination among the officials.

High Court- Steps will be taken by the central government to make the tanks available, but with the support of the Delhi government, it will not leave it entirely to the trust of the center.

modi and kejriwal

PM Modi and CM Kejriwal.


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