Huge protest against Pakistan Army and Imran government in PoK, help sought from international community

Pakistani government and army are fiercely fighting in PoK. There is anger among people, there is resentment, people are getting very upset due to the interference of Pakistan. In fact, the people of PoK have understood very well that Pakistan is betraying them, preparing to make them their slaves, for the last several decades, the Pakistani army and government want to capture PoK, these people oppose this. are

Actually at the root of this protest is the elections being held here. The Pakistani army and the government together are conducting elections only in name, so that they can show the world that they have no interference in PoK elections, while it is quite the opposite.

Actually, with Pakistani tricks. The residents of PoK are well aware. Pakistan calls PoK free to say, but in fact Pakistan has kept its entire command, it always chooses a puppet government here so that it does not have to face opposition, the local people here are opposing it. br />
The people of PoK clearly allege that the Pakistani government and agencies are giving permission to contest elections only to those people who are their own people, these protesting people have appealed to the international community for help.

India has been continuously saying that Pakistan commits atrocities in PoK, people are being kept away from their rights, because the land here is being used by terrorists against India. In providing training. But slowly now the people of PoK are coming to know the truth, as a result of this people are protesting against Pakistan.

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