If you want to have more pleasure of sex, then follow these yoga tips

Everyone knows that we can stay healthy by doing yoga. Despite this, not everyone does yoga. People who do yoga regularly can keep themselves healthy. But do you know that by doing yoga, you can make your sex life even better? If not, then let us tell you that doing yoga can make your sex life much better.

The relationship between yoga and sex is also very old. You can learn from yoga to calm your mind. Also, there are many positions which are very good, but it is very important for the body to be flexible to have sex in those positions. You will definitely get this flexibility through yoga. Not only men, but women should also do yoga. So that he can have sex in better sex position.

Sex is a form of yoga. In yoga, you want to integrate the mind, heart, body and spirit. This gives you a focus. With that focus, you can relax, you can breathe, you can make eye contact with your partner, and you can make an emotional connection. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some such yoga positions, with the help of which your sex life can become better.

reclining bound angle pose

To hold this yoga position, lie on your back, and surround yourself with pillows, then open your legs in butterfly position, knees resting on pillows. Spread your legs wide so that you can assume the missionary position. This stage is better because when your partner wants to have sex with you in the missionary position, then you will be able to have sex in the right state. This position will not bother you at all. You will be able to breathe easily and have sex comfortably. Your partner will be able to reach your G-spot when you have sex in this position, and it can be a very long-lasting, pleasurable position that can last a long time.

happy baby pose

happy baby pose

Now to hold this yoga position, lie down on your back. After this, hold the toes of your feet with both your hands. Now your knees should have come towards your chest. Now push your feet further back. This too is similar to a missionary position. If you do this stage continuously, it is beneficial for you. This position is better for you because when you have sex in this position, your partner can go deep inside you. In this position, the woman has to bear more pressure and the man has to exert more emphasis. This position gives your partner deep access to your G-spot and clitoris. Having sex in this position is considered much better.

cow position


To do this, you have to sit with the help of both your hands in such a way that your hips are raised upwards. In this position, you have to move your neck upwards. This stage is better for you because in today’s time people like to have sex in doggy style very much. But if you have sex in a doggy style right away, then you may not be able to have sex in this position properly. Therefore, by doing this yoga position regularly, you will be able to have sex in a good position.

tree pose

Tree Pose

Tree pose is also a better yoga position. To do this you have to stand against a wall or in the shower. Then lift one leg, bend your knee and turn your hip outward, then place your foot on the opposite thigh. Raise your hands directly above your head, about shoulder-width apart. (Hold on to a wall or bookshelf if necessary.) This position is better because you can keep your balance when you have sex in this position. When you have standing sex, it is very important for you to be balanced.

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yoga sex position

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