India’s fear, Imran Khan bowed before China’s warning, said – will talk to the rebels


  • Imran Khan now fears India’s fear on Balochistan and China’s warning
  • Pak PM has announced that he is ready to talk with the rebels of Balochistan
  • He said that India used Baloch to spread terror in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who wreaked havoc on the innocent people of Balochistan, is now beginning to fear India’s fear and China’s warning. PM Imran Khan has announced that he is ready to talk with the rebels of Balochistan. He said the insurgents were angry with the Pakistan government because of some past complaints or that India used them to spread terror in Pakistan. However, Imran claimed that now the situation in Balochistan has changed.

Imran Khan, who arrived in Gwadar, Balochistan to inaugurate development projects, said that if development projects in Balochistan had been encouraged, we would never have had to worry about the insurgents. “There may have been earlier complaints of Baloch and other countries may have used them…India may have used them to create chaos but now the situation is not the same,” he said.

Baloch attacks on Chinese investment, Imran forced to come
Imran also said that the economic condition of Pakistan has not become so good that our government can give a lot of money to Balochistan. He claimed that before becoming the Prime Minister, he was determined to develop Balochistan. Imran Khan said that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif visited London 24 times but did not visit Balochistan even once. At the same time, former President Asif Ali Zardari visited Dubai 51 times but he never came to Gwadar.

In fact, Gwadar is a very important destination of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China has invested 62 billion dollars on this entire project. Not only this, China is preparing to build a naval base in Gwadar so that its warships can strengthen their hold on the entire Persian Gulf. Till now the US Navy dominates this area. Baloch insurgents are continuously carrying out deadly attacks on Chinese projects and Pakistani soldiers. Many Chinese civilians have also been killed in these attacks. Pakistan has been alleging that India provides aid to the Baloch rebels. Now the Pakistani PM has openly taken the name of India. It is this fear of Baloch attacks and India, due to which after a long time any Pakistani PM is ready for talks with Baloch rebels.

China gave 6 months for action on Baloch
Recently, a general of the Pakistan Army had created panic by saying that China had a role in suppressing the freedom movement of Balochistan. He has said that Beijing has given him 6 months to end the Baloch struggle. Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Sun quoted Major General Ayman Bilal of the Pakistan Army as saying that he has been deployed in the area to end the Baloch movement. Bilal has described Iran as the biggest enemy of Pakistan and has warned that the Pakistani army will take action inside Iran.

According to the newspaper, Bilal has said, ‘China has given me a salary and a large amount and officially posted me here for regional interests so that I can end Iran’s conspiracy against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). .’ Pakistan has started many development works in Balochistan but it is still the least populated poorest corner of the country. Rebel organizations have been fighting the battle of separatist extremism here for decades. They complain that their resources are being exploited by the central government and the rich Punjab province. Islamabad launched a military operation against the insurgency in 2005.

Imran initiated many projects of CPEC

Imran Khan initiated several major projects and other infrastructural works under the ambitious CPEC project in Gwadar city. The CPEC connecting Gwadar port in Pakistan’s Balochistan province with China’s Xinjiang province is an ambitious project of China under the multi-billion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With this, China will have access to the Arabian Sea. The BRI is seen as an attempt by China to influence the world through infrastructure projects.

He also signed several MoUs with China that aim to address water and electricity problems in Gwadar, including the construction of a modern hospital, an international airport and a commercial institute. In his address, Khan said that Pakistan is on its way to become a ‘great nation’. He said, ‘I dream of the future of Pakistan – I grew up with Pakistan. The country is on the way to become a great nation. Imran said, ‘Gwadar is becoming the main center of Pakistan, which will benefit the country as well as Balochistan.’


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