Internet down worldwide, many websites and apps including Amazon, Paytm stalled for hours

Due to a technical glitch, many websites and apps including Amazon, Paytm stopped working for about 45 minutes on Thursday night. It is being told that this problem was caused due to a technical glitch in the internet infrastructure provider Akamai. The company later issued a statement saying that the flaw has been fixed and the internet is now working as before.

Which platforms were affected
It is being told that due to the glitch in Akamai, online services of Zomato, Paytm, Disney Hotstar, Sony Liv, PlayStation Network, HSBC Bank and British Airways were stalled. According to internet outage tracker DownDetector, the internet outage started around 8.55 pm on Thursday. Akamai’s engineers fixed the problem by 10.20 am.

Effect seen all over the world
This problem of internet was seen not only in India but all over the world. Many other countries including Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand were also affected by this. In these countries also many apps running from the internet had stopped working. The great thing is that the downtime of internet was very less and it was fixed in time.


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