Jabalpur News: Father-in-law and daughter-in-law crossed the limit, son cut both of them with an ax


  • Sensation over the murder of father-in-law and daughter-in-law in MP’s Jabalpur
  • Son killed his father and wife over illicit relations
  • Both were seen in objectionable condition by the accused several times.
  • On Friday night, both were cut with an ax and sat at the door.

MP’s Jabalpur (Jabalpur Crime News UpdateA heart-wrenching incident has happened in a village in the district. The son has earlier killed his father and wife (Father And Wife Murder News) by chopping them with an ax. After the incident, he himself went to the uncle’s house and informed about it and sat at the door of the house with an ax. The accused told that he was ashamed of his wife’s treachery and father’s handiwork.

Belkheda police has registered a case of murder by taking the accused into custody. Police is busy interrogating the accused. Father-in-law and daughter-in-law had crossed the limit. The two had an illicit relationship. Three days ago, the young man had seen the father and his wife in an objectionable condition and explained, but both did not agree.

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The matter is of Goklahar village of Belkheda, 65 km from Jabalpur late on Friday night. According to Belkheda TI Sujit Srivastava, Arjun Singh Lodhi, a resident of Goklahar village, informed about the double murder. He told that his nephew Santosh Lodhi (35) had killed his father and wife with an ax late on Friday night.

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The accused sitting with an ax on the door
Belkheda police immediately reached the spot as soon as the information was received. Santosh Lodhi was sitting at the door of the house with a bloody ax. The police took him into custody. When the police reached inside the house, father Aman Singh Lodhi (65) was lying dead in a bloody condition on a bed in a room. Kavita Lodhi (32) was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. There was blood splattered all over the room.

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Both crossed the limit, because of this they killed
Santosh Lodhi, who came into custody, told that the father and wife had crossed the limits, due to which they killed both. Even three days ago, he had seen both of them in an objectionable condition. The wife was also explained, but despite this, on Friday night, both of them crossed the limit again. Seeing the father leaving the wife’s room, Santosh was shocked. Father went to sleep in the room. He picked up the ax and stabbed his father to death. After this, the wife was also brutally killed by beating her on the neck and head in the same way.

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The accused has two children
Santosh Lodhi and Kavita Lodhi were married 15 years ago. Both have a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. Both were stunned to see the scene of the father’s bloody game. Arjun Lodhi, uncle of Santosh Lodhi, who lives in the neighborhood, took both the children to his house. After the murder, Santosh also informed the uncle and told the reason for the murder. Said that he had explained a lot to his wife and father, but both did not agree. Belkheda police have confiscated the ax and blood-stained clothes of the accused. Both the bodies have been kept in Shahpura Marchuri. Where his PM has been done.


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