Kanyadaan, welcome of processions, farewell of bride… 15 days before marriage, father’s death was done by the policemen.


  • Police has got a unique marriage done in Chhatarpur district of MP
  • The in-charge of the police station did the daughter-in-law as a father, the policeman became a householder
  • Father died 15 days before marriage
  • Unique marriage is now being discussed a lot in the district

Jai Prakash

A unique marriage has taken place in Chhatarpur district of MP (Madhya Pradesh News Update). In this marriage, from the father of the bride (SHO Became Father Of Bride) to the family, the policemen were made. Till date no such marriage has taken place in the district, in which policemen in uniform were seen serving food to the processions. This wedding was not a VIP’s house. There was a marriage of a daughter of a common family. If you know about the family, then you will salute the policemen wholeheartedly.

Actually, this unique marriage took place in Manni’s purva under Bansia police station area of ​​Chhatarpur district. About 15 days ago in this village, a person named Rajwa Kewat died due to being buried under a stone. As soon as the information was received, Bansia police station in-charge Rajkumar Latoria reached the spot and got the dead body out under the stone. After this, after establishing a marriage, he reached the house of the relatives of the deceased and there he took statements.

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Daughter’s marriage was to be held on 15 May
On reaching the house of the deceased, he came to know that daughter Gola Kewat was to be married on May 15, but after the death of the father, the daughter’s marriage was postponed. Rajkumar Latoria tells that he was very sad about this incident. He was worried about how the daughter would get married after the death of her father. Thinking about this, he was sitting in his house.

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During this suddenly his wife and 12-year-old daughter Priya asked him the reason for his sadness. Then Prince Latoria told all the things, after which his 12-year-old daughter broke her piggy bank and gave about one thousand rupees saying that Papa should not stop her sister’s marriage. You get them married in any way and give this money to them too.

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After listening to the daughter, the police station in-charge Rajkumar felt that he should help the girl and he once again went to meet the family of the deceased. He took the responsibility of daughter’s marriage on himself. Before marriage, ration clothes and all kinds of preparations were done in the house. Eventually the daughter of the deceased was married with pomp.

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Policemen took the responsibility of marriage on their shoulders
When the procession of the daughter of the deceased came from Barikheda, the policemen were present here to welcome. The SI has performed the rituals of the father during the marriage ceremony. At the same time, the soldiers wearing uniform have welcomed the processions. At the same time, Prince Latoria became a father and kept watching all the arrangements for marriage. Welcoming the processions with folded hands, then fed them food and finally, like their own daughter, sent off the daughter of the deceased Rajwa.

He also promised the daughter that if there is any problem of any kind, then considering it as her father, she should feel free to tell her problems. This unique marriage is being discussed not only in the district but in the whole of Madhya Pradesh.


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