Maharashtra Politics: Shiv Sena’s taunt on suspension of BJP MLAs, said- if you do it, you will lose your character and if you do it, you will loose your character.


  • Shiv Sena attacks BJP through Saamana editorial
  • BJP attacked for suspension of 12 MLAs
  • BJP calls suspension a murder of democracy
  • Shiv Sena Governor also killed democracy

In the 2-day monsoon session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, it seemed that the BJP sitting in the opposition would increase the difficulties of the government. However, on the contrary, the BJP had to raise a slander and come on the back foot on the charge of scuffle. In this regard, Bhaskar Jadhav has also been praised openly in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana.

It has also been written in the editorial of Saamana that democracy has been murdered by suspending 12 BJP MLAs. On which Shiv Sena has raised the question and said that for the last one year the list of 12 MLAs has been kept with him by the Governor. Isn’t democracy being murdered in this case?

only to oppose
It has been written in Saamana that BJP does not have time to discuss the major issues of the state in the assembly. But there is enough time for protests outside the House. BJP knows only to talk remotely on issues like Maratha reservation, OBC political reservation in the state. The BJP does not seem eager to discuss these issues together in the assembly to find a solution together.

The opposition of Maharashtra seems to be taking only the side of the Center in every matter, whether it is the issue of Maratha reservation or OBC reservation. In this tactic, he also had to face the suspension of his 12 MLAs for one year.

Shiv Sena attacks BJP through Saamana editorial


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