Make this rainy season even more memorable with these trendy raincoats

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The rainy season brings with it cool breeze, pleasant weather and lots of confusion. It is no surprise that during the rainy season we often find ourselves standing in front of wardrobes for hours. To choose an outfit that can keep us safe from the rain. One of the easiest solutions is to match your outfit with a raincoat and it will protect you from the rain too. From floral or printed raincoats to monochrome numbers, there is a lot available in the markets for you to choose from. Today we are going to tell you about five such raincoat styles, which are very useful as well as being classy.

parka raincoat

Anorak or parka raincoat is a winter-wet coat with a waterproof finish. The special feature of Rain Parka is that it has a hood and a waist string or belt to look attractive. This heavy raincoat is worn in cold rainy weather. You can wear this raincoat by matching it with any outfit. The parka can also be styled as a raincoat jacket. It is used more in foreign countries.

trench coat

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The trench coat is the most popular type of raincoat. It can be worn with casual or daily wear. It is made of gabardine fabric, which is quite strong and dense. Before the fashionable uniform, only trench coat was worn in the army. The trench coat has wide collars and self-tie belts which give it a distinct look. You must have seen Atsar construction workers wearing trench coats.

rubber raincoat

Stutterheim Rubber Raincoat men - Glamood Outlet

Rubber or plastic raincoats Water is the most common type of raincoat. It has the best waterproofing factor. Plastic or polyurethane rain gear is often less expensive than a cloth coat. But rubber raincoats often become the cause of sweating. Some plastic raincoats also have zips which make it look more cool. Rubber raincoats are mostly used by the police in India.

small raincoat

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Small raincoats are usually only used to cover the upper part of the body. This raincoat has different colors or patterns on the outside and inside. Most small raincoats are two-sided. This raincoat is much better than the long raincoat because they do not block the wind from coming.

kids raincoat

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Children’s raincoats are often brightly colored with cartoon or animal designs. Children’s rain jackets are long with roll up or cuffed sleeves to make them fit longer. Children’s rainwear is usually in pastels and bright colors to attract them.


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