Mamta did it! Mukul became MLA on BJP ticket, made PAC chairman, big bet went like this

accused in sharda scam Mukul Roy Will now do the work of audit of accounts in West Bengal. Mukul Roy, who recently returned home from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to the Trinamool Congress, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) by the Mamata Banerjee government. West Bengal Assembly Speaker Biman Bandopadhyay on Friday approved his appointment. The BJP has opposed the appointment of Mukul, who joined TMC after becoming an MLA on a BJP ticket, as the PSC chairman.

In fact, Mamta Banerjee has made a big bet by making Mukul the PAC chairman. On one hand, Mamta Banerjee has also followed the rule of making an ‘opposition MLA’ as the PAC chairman, and on the other hand, she has handed over an important post to a person who has come to her party.

The BJP opposed the appointment of Mukul Roy, who reached the assembly after winning the election on a BJP ticket, as the PAC chairman. The party MLAs led a walkout led by Leader of Opposition Shubhendu Adhikari. Mukul Roy is currently an MLA from Krishnanagar North seat and joined TMC only last month.

Mukul Roy has not resigned despite being told several times by BJP. The TMC leader was elected a member of the PAC in June. The official said that according to the rules, the PAC chairman is made by the opposition MLA, but the TMC has misused the rules. Speaking to the media, Shubhendu Adhikari said that the Speaker, using his powers, has declared Mukul Roy as the PAC chairman. This is the first time that no opposition leader has been made the PAC chairman.

Shubhendu said, “We had proposed six MLAs in the PAC. The BJP never recommended Mukul Roy’s name. He has publicly joined the Trinamool Congress, but still he was appointed as the PAC president, defying the rules. This government does not believe in democracy.

The official said the party wanted noted economist and BJP MLA Ashok Lahiri to head the PAC. “But the corrupt Trinamool Congress government wants the committees to be headed by only their people who keep on doing ji-hujuri,” he said. That is why we have decided that we will no longer lead any committee in the House as a protest against this decision of the Speaker.

The official, however, expressed confidence that Roy’s membership of the Assembly would be lost very soon as he would be “disqualified under the Anti-Defection Act”. Responding to the officer’s statement, senior Trinamool Congress leader Subrata Mukherjee said, “Mukul Roy is an official BJP member in the assembly. It is a well established procedure that a senior leader with experience in the legislative business of the opposition camp should be the PAC President. The Speaker of the Assembly has only followed the rule. There hasn’t been any mistake.”

The incident reminded the former Congress MLAs who were made PAC president even after joining the Trinamool Congress. Manas Bhuyan and Shankar Singh became the committee presidents despite joining the ruling party and not resigning as Congress MLAs. Then the Speaker of the Assembly had said that he is officially an opposition MLA. Bhuiyan, a cabinet minister in the Trinamool Congress government, said, “There was a debate on my being the PAC president. Then I was a member of Congress, but Congress wanted to make some other Left leader as PAC President and did not want me to be made.

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