Massive fire at a factory in Bangladesh, 40 killed and 30 injured, many missing

A massive fire broke out at a factory in Bangladesh on Friday, killing 40 people. At least 30 people were injured in the fierce fire, AFP news agency said, adding that the fire was so terrible that many workers jumped down from the upper floor to save their lives. It is reported that dozens are still missing.

It is not yet clear how many people are trapped inside the factory, but distressed relatives outside and other workers of the factory said they fear that it would be difficult for those trapped inside to escape.

Fire Service spokesperson Debashish Bardhan said, “Once the fire is doused, we will conduct search and rescue operations inside. Only then can we confirm that there is no casualty.”

Factory worker Mohammad Saiful, who survived the fire, said there were dozens of people inside when the fire broke out. Mamoon, another worker, said that he and 13 other workers had fled to the terrace as the fire broke out on the ground floor and black smoke spread throughout the factory.

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